How to visually enlarge a small room?

Small apartments are an increasingly popular investment or rental property. But what if there are absolutely not enough square meters? The small size of the room can always be changed with the help of color schemes. How to visually enlarge a small room?

Of course, it is not always possible to make redevelopment or move walls, but this does not mean that it is not possible to create a feeling of more space – an optical illusion of spaciousness. 

5 tips from Dulux experts: 

1. For a small room, choose… a dark color

If you want more coziness, you’ll love… navy blue. How to enlarge a room when painting walls, ceiling, and floor? Small rooms do not always need to be painted in light colors. It all depends on what you are going to use this room for. A warm palette will suit the bedroom, and cool shades are more suitable for the bathroom. But in the living room area, you can safely experiment.

2. White stripe will make the ceiling higher

Paint the walls, leaving a 10-20 cm high strip up to the ceiling or ceiling plinth. Color the rest in white. The white line will visually make the ceiling higher. In contrast, thick greenish-blue hues are ideal.

3. An accent wall will enlarge an irregularly shaped room

How to visually expand a small narrow room or corridor? If the apartment has a narrow corridor or the room has irregular shapes, then the dark color at one end will attract attention, and the corridor will not seem so elongated. The beautiful color will divert attention from layout errors.

4. One space, one color

Choose fabrics and furniture in shades that are close to the tone of the walls so that they do not stand out with their dimensions. This will help create an uncluttered space that feels bigger and richer than it is. 

5. Plinth – frame for the wall

In a small room, what frames the walls, namely: skirting boards and other wooden details, can be made one tone darker than the walls. This will allow you to highlight the architectural “skeleton” of the room, and the walls, as it were, push into the background. And thanks to this effect, the room will appear larger. 

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