How to make the interior greener: 8 simple tips


 No plastic Plastic pollution harms animals and the environment, plastic decomposes in nature for tens and even hundreds of years.

 Reusable It is worth thinking about the number of disposable things in everyday life and switching to reusable in cases where possible.

 Sustainable cuisine One of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact is to grow your own greens, fruits, and vegetables.

 Recycling Separate waste collection and the possibility of recycling become more accessible every year.

 Conscious consumption of resources Modern household appliances with eco-modes minimize the consumption of water and electricity.

 “Green” cleaning products Eco-friendly cleaning products include natural ingredients that make them safer for your family and the environment.

 Mindful consumption We stopped mindlessly buying things. We want to live surrounded by things that have meaning for us, history.

8  Digitalization The need to receive and consume information on paper in the modern world has practically disappeared.