Worst Interior Design Trends in last 50 Years

Tech giant Samsung has reached out to the British public. 2,000 adults in the UK were asked to think of the worst interior design trends of the last 50 years .

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In total, there were 25 trends that went out of fashion and cause ridicule today. Some of these are:

  • Fur rugs for the toilet
  • Stuffed animals ( taxidermy),
  • Avocado-colored bathrooms
  • Non-woven wallpaper for painting
  • African masks as wall decor
  • Artificial stone cladding
  • Beaded curtains
  • A bar counter in the living room
  • Round beds, bidets, screen stickers
  • Blinds
  • Water mattresses
  • Wallpaper borders
  • TV cabinets
  • Carpet

Did they miss something?

To add to the positive, Samsung asked the British public to vote on the best interior design trends, with open space triumphing in this poll (66% of votes) followed by plain wood furniture (49%).

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