Swedish apartment in the colors of the past from Note Design Studio

Swedish architects Note Design Studio designed an apartment in Stockholm. They created the palette and interiors, preserving traces of time, and the room was replanned from the former office.

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Here, on an area of 200 square meters was an office without bathrooms, a kitchen, and cabinets was the former head office of the fashion brand in the center of Stockholm. The client wanted to turn it into a residential apartment. It left traces of the former splendor of the century before last – worn wooden floors, old plaster, stucco decor, as well as three old stoves. But all these beautiful details were covered with a thick layer of white paint, halogen lamps were built into the suspended ceilings of drywall.

“We have identified beautiful shades of antique stove tiles: green, pink, and yellowish-white, – say the architects of the design studio Note. — Behind the wall, which had been demolished to reach the pipes and risers, we found traces of the original nineteenth-century paint on the door frame. She suddenly lit up the entire white space with a fresh yellow hue of mustard. As a result, we had a powerful eight-tone palette, which arose from the hidden traces of the past of this old apartment.

Since we tried to violate the original features of the interiors as little as possible, all the new elements were not built-in but placed in spaces as in frames with old ornaments. All cabinets are placed on the floor or hung on the walls. Two new walls were added – they are decorated in the same way as the cabinets: a veneered surface with intersecting lines on the squares (the motif of the drawing is taken from the most beautiful pattern in the apartment).

A palette based on the authentic shades of the ceramic cladding of the three furnaces, the original ceiling décor and the original layout of the floor – these old features and features became the key that we needed so much to change the white office space in a modern direction. The result is a harmonious, but saturated with complex shades of colored interior – a new home for our client and his children.»

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