5 coolest budget ideas in a snow-white taken from a two-room apartment

Designer Olga Kalitina created a versatile, but not “faceless” interior in a two-room apartment with an area of ​​38 square meters. She filled the atmosphere with interesting and spectacular solutions that delight the eye. Take note.

1. Trendy square tiles

For the apron in the kitchen, they used a neutral option that will not go out of style. This is a white 10×10 cm tile: despite being a rather classic model, it also responds to the trend for square tiles in minimalist interiors.

2. Non-standard luminaire arrangement

Agree, a pendant lamp instead of an upper kitchen cabinet is an unexpected solution. In the project, it is due to the location of the hatch for communications. But this technique can be used in any interior. Looks stylish and non banal.

3. Wallpapers in unusual places

The designer has carved out space above otherwise ordinary cabinets with moldings and bold printed wallpaper. Due to this, the interior immediately looks fresh. By the way, such round mirrors are associated with classic historical living rooms. At the same time, their design and location are not quite classic, which brings an element of play to a modern, laconic interior.

4. Block painting

To make the interior more interesting without increasing the budget, you can use ordinary paint. Here we used two contrasting shades and molding on the wall at the head of the bed. Believe me, this inexpensive solution will completely transform even the simplest home.

5. Tile and paint combination

Another “working” technique is to use tiles in the bathroom along with painting. Paint usually costs less and is easier to apply. In addition, the colored wall and ceiling add style to a simple interior.

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