Note Design Studio: the most famous restaurant in Helsinki

The Palace Restaurant in Helsinki is a new work of the Note design studio. Swedish architects from Stockholm have restored the legend of Finnish modernism.

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The Palace Restaurant in the hotel of the same name was opened in 1952 for guests of the Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki. The expressive building, shaped like an ocean liner, was designed by architects. Viljo Revell and Keijo Petäjä, becoming the hallmark of Finnish modernism. Hotel Palace sparkled with its blue neon sign, towering over the sea harbor. Hotel Restaurant has always been at the forefront of gastronomy. In 1987, it became the first Finnish institution to be awarded a Michelin star.

The modernist building underwent a complete renovation. And the restaurant with impressive spaces on the 10th floor has been enriched with a new identity. The project was approved by the Museum of the City of Helsinki.

“When this project came to us, the customer did not ask for a modern and fashionable interior. On the contrary, there is something that will withstand time and support the traditions of the institution with the Palace sign, “the architects say.

During construction, Note Design Studio worked closely with SARC Architects and Skanska, discussing at length with the client everything from choosing veneer to ordering trolleys. The dialogue continued with the chefs, who talked about the shapes of the tables and the choice of dishes. Every detail was carefully thought out not only in the interior but also in graphic design – the new corporate identity was created in cooperation with the Leroy agency. «For us, space should not only convey meaning and respect for history but also get an atmosphere. The place should be natural and pleasant.”

Palace has always been a trendsetter of Finnish ancient fashion. We felt that the new identity should be both a reference to the palace’s values and a force for the restaurant to regain its position among the very best.»

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