6 ways to update your home in less than an hour

1. Put flowers in a vase

Flowers enliven the interior and add bright accents to the color scheme of the room. For those who are not ready to take care of a living plant on a regular basis, bouquets of seasonal flowers are suitable. Varieties will change throughout the year, so this quick and easy way to decorate won’t get boring. Stock up on a couple of beautiful glass or ceramic vases so that you can match them to the type of flowers and mood.

2. Remove all unnecessary

To update the interior and feel better in it, you do not always have to go to the hardware store or look for new decor. Sometimes it is enough to spend an hour actively decluttering the space, and the result will already impress you. At the same time, decluttering does not mean necessarily getting rid of everything old and unnecessary. For example, in a room where there are no problems with the order and organization of storage, but you still want to change something, you can simply remove all (or almost all) of the decor. Free space will give a feeling of lightness, which you may want to leave. Or inspire you to search for new jewelry that will create the desired atmosphere. 

3. Replace wall decor

Another quick way to update your interior is to replace your wall decor. At the same time, old posters, photos, hanging planters, and paintings do not need to be thrown away: you can simply put them in a box or drawer until you want to update the composition again. To be able to hang items as you wish, use inconspicuous wall mounting methods: liquid nails, double-sided tape, Velcro, spider hooks, etc.

4. Add carpet

An instant way to transform the interior and at the same time highlight the functional area is to lay a carpet there. It can be bright, and then it will enliven a neutral light interior. A model in a calm range with an unobtrusive pattern will not visually overload the space. In a spacious room, you can also use a couple of products, laying them with an overlap – this is an interesting interior trend. And, of course, beautiful carpets can again be hung on the wall – a technique that was once considered obsolete, again looks relevant in modern interiors.

5. Refresh textiles

Another quick and effortless decorating technique is replacing textiles. It is in every room: from the bedroom to the bathroom. If you choose a new textile design, fitting it into the overall palette of the interior, the whole feeling of the room will change. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color: choose bright cushion covers for a neutral gray sofa, for example. Or hang bright curtains with a contrasting pattern on the windows. 

6. Assemble a composition from the decor

If you have no desire to hang something on the walls, you can put together a decorative composition on a chest of drawers, an open shelf, or a coffee table. Use a few not-too-small items that differ in height, color, and volume: for example, a framed poster leaning against the wall, a potted flower and a candle, or a small ceramic vase. Such a composition can always be disassembled, rearranged, or supplemented, so the interior will be updated easily and quickly. 

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