5 Household Items to Buy Secondhand (You will save a lot of money!)

Used items are the perfect way to add beautiful and interesting decor to your interior without spending thousands of dollars. In thrift stores, you can find not only vintage gizmos but also modern ones that are no longer needed by someone.

    1. Candlesticks

    Everything new is well-forgotten old. And trendy – even more so. Many candlesticks from popular home stores are modern interpretations or revivals of past trends. Classic candelabra or single candlesticks, charming in their simplicity, with traces of use or almost like new – you can find different things at second-hand. And shabby units, hidden in the corner of the store, can be purchased for mere pennies. If you don’t like the touch of history, then polish or paint will quickly fix the situation.

    2. Books

    You can find really interesting, vintage, and even rare pieces. While someone is unfolding books with their spines inside the cabinet, go backward and use the spines and covers of certain colors and designs as an accent, or vice versa, to support the overall mood of the room. Building an attractive library from scratch is very costly, and books cost less in thrift stores.

    3. Glass products

    Glassware and other decor made from this fragile material is another significant cost item in interior design. Thrift shops or flea markets have a lot of glass items – glasses of an unusual shape, napkin holders, and figurines. Be careful: even if you don’t have a goal of finding something rare and collectible for next to nothing, still sensibly assess the need for each item you like. It is easy to get lost in beautiful inexpensive knick-knacks. It is better to find examples in advance and build on them.

    Tip: carefully inspect the product before buying for cracks, chips, and bumps. Throwing away even an inexpensive thing, having seen a defect in it already at home, will be insulting and not environmentally friendly.

    4. Pictures and frames

    You can often find stylish paintings in second-hand shops. Not necessarily paintings in the classical sense: vintage posters, pages from old textbooks, posters, and sketches, decorated with beautiful frames. If you see an image that reflects your personality or perfectly matches the interior palette, take it without hesitation. A frame in poor condition is easy to restore even for a beginner or even buy a new one, and a slightly shabby canvas will look authentic.

    5. Furniture

    And, finally, the largest thing that can be purchased in the commission shop is furniture. If you manage to find a good option with a twist for nothing, consider that you hit the jackpot. What to pay attention to? First, solid wood furniture. It should be heavy and solid in every sense. Chipboard is useless to you. Do not be afraid of external scuffs – sandpaper, stain or paint will solve the problem. Be sure to look at how the elements in the boxes are connected – the dovetail technique is the most durable and high-quality. (Individual elements are assembled like a puzzle). Secondly, take a closer look at metal cabinets, chests of drawers, and safes. New in stores are expensive, and they are rare. However, in some interiors, such furniture looks appropriate and atmospheric – especially in offices. Against, for reasons of hygiene, you should not buy upholstered furniture or items with textile inserts in the “second hand” unless you are a specialist in reupholstery. It will be difficult to wash and process the fabric properly.

    Tip: When you go shopping for used items, take a flashlight with you to inspect the fittings and drawer interiors in detail. There should be no black spots, small bugs, and other bad “symptoms”.

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