ecoLogicStudio’s first collection of objects combines biophilic and digital design

The London studio has unveiled its debut line of biophilic design products, PhotoSynthetica. It continues the team’s research project of the same name, which aims to find solutions to climate change and urban air pollution. According to ecoLogicStudio, the collection was born from the dream of creating a city of the future based on the waste and pollution of our environment, and the first products are tools to start the collective process of this change. Thus, Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto built on the results of their recently completed projects to create a biotech air purifier called AIReactor, a series of compostable stools, and a biodigital ring. The first device has a birch plywood construction and consists entirely of elements that can be reused or recycled after its service life has expired. It contains live photosynthetic cultures of microalgae, giving the purifier the same potential as a mature tree. The stools are made from biomass, obtained from air pollutants and carbon dioxide previously processed by the device. Thanks to the flexible material structure and corrugated surface, the item can easily adapt to the user’s body shape and weight, opening up almost endless possibilities for customization. The jewelry was designed by artificial intelligence and consists of 30% algae biomass based on polylactic acid. 

The AIReactor air purifier and compostable stools are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Design and Applied Arts in Lausanne. 

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