How to create a stylish interior that will not become obsolete over time: 8 practical tips

The interior, like the wardrobe, needs the right base so that you don’t have to update it annually and follow rapidly changing trends. Use our tips, they will help you create a timeless interior.

1. Work with a mixed style

Creating an apartment interior in the same style does not mean making it durable. Sooner or later, any of the styles become obsolete, even the classics, which are called eternal, acquire new features, and there is no need to talk about fashionable styles, such as loft or Scandinavian. In addition, it is much more difficult to make a monotonous interior, and, most likely, you will need the help of a designer.

Competent eclecticism is what you need to create a fashionable interior that will not become obsolete. Combine furniture and accessories from different “stories” with the help of color and uniform shapes, then a stylish interior will live longer.

2. Choose pastel and solid colors for decoration

If you need to create a universal wall finish that you won’t want to redo after a few years, choose pastel or dark solid colors. In wall decoration, neutral beige, white or light gray will be a good option. If you prefer wallpaper, let it have an inconspicuous pattern or no pattern at all.

For interiors in dark colors, it is better to choose solid deep colors, such as cherry, dark blue, or dark green. They will add nobility to the interior, besides, they are easy to combine with basic beige, white, light gray, and black.

Every year, a new shade comes into fashion, which is called the “color of the year”. In 2024, it’s Peach Fuzz, but don’t rush to follow fashion and actively use it in decoration. For a long-lasting stylish interior, fashionable shades should be used as an accent, in accessories that are easy to replace if necessary.

3. Try to choose natural materials for decoration and furniture

Things that are made of natural materials do not become obsolete over time but turn into antiques. If the budget allows, choose furniture made of natural wood, stone, and granite in decoration, and ceramics. Natural materials will not go out of fashion, they are relevant for different styles and will last a very long time.

4. Give preference to functional furniture with simple shapes

High-quality design, which is not done for a year or two, should be functional. Meaningless filling of the room with furniture and décor turns the interior into kitsch, which, of course, is sometimes relevant, but will definitely not be fashionable for a long time.

Therefore, to create a timeless interior, choose furniture with simple shapes and maximum functionality. The most comfortable sofa models are repeated from collection to collection from almost any brand, and laconic shapes are easier to apply. Remember that if you have to give up comfort for beauty, this option is not durable.

5. Don’t follow the fashion

Yes, that’s right, forget about being fashionable. Design trends change as often as clothing trends, and blindly following fashion won’t make your interior relevant for long. Today brick is popular in decoration, and tomorrow there will be wallpaper with prints.

Act selectively and learn the so-called observation. This term means the intuitive selection of accessories and objects in the right style and suitable for a particular interior. Of course, observation is unlikely to appear immediately, it is necessary to study interior selections and like-minded projects, be critical of what fashion magazines offer, and hone your own taste. Then you will no longer have to blindly follow fashion trends, you will understand what is necessary, and create an interior that will definitely not become outdated.

6. Be careful with modern appliances in the interior

It is irrational to put appliances at the forefront of the interior, which you want to make stylish and timeless. Appliances become obsolete, and very quickly, so it’s best to place them as discreetly as possible, without focusing on them.

Use a variety of ways to harmoniously fit the appliances into the interior, without emphasizing its status. It is better to build audio and video equipment into cabinets.

7. Put some vintage stuff

Antiques are something that is unlikely to become obsolete and will definitely add style and luxury to the interior. It is not necessary to buy furniture from the century before last, it is enough to choose a mirror in a vintage frame or put a table made of aged wood in the bedroom. Vintage items will become a time-tested interior decoration and are unlikely to go out of fashion because they already live out of time.

8. Leave a zone of change in the apartment

Even hardcore conservatives sometimes want to change things right now. To do this, we recommend leaving the so-called change zone in the house – a rack that can be decorated with new décor, a wall with a set of photos or posters that can be easily replaced.

Windows and upholstered furniture are also considered such an area. Why? The textiles and décor you use to decorate these items are always easy to replace. Hanging new curtains or buying a new set of pillows or pillowcases and blankets is a quick and budget-friendly method to add a new touch to a room.

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