12 décor items that will add personality to the interior

Surely you have seen photos of interiors more than once, about which you want to say: “Beautiful, but like in a hotel!”. It’s all about the lack of individuality. We tell you what items should be added so that the house does not create the impression of being uninhabited.

1. Photos in stylish frames or strings

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to personalize the interior is to take photos of your household.

It is not necessary to cover all the walls with family portraits, a couple of photo frames will be enough to make the interior a little cozier. Do you want to approach the question in a more original way? Create a string of your favorite shots or create a stylish mood board using the best shots.

2. DIY: hobbies and new life for old items

Do you have a hobby related to needlework? It’s cool! Create a décor item with your own hands that will decorate your environment and make it even more unique.

Try your hand at reupholstering a boring sofa or painting an old chest of drawers. The resulting piece of furniture may not be perfect, but it will certainly add individuality to the environment.

3. A bit of family history

Furniture and décor items passed down from generation to generation have a special charm and give the environment a touch of warmth and coziness. Take a look at your grandmother’s chest: perhaps you will find a vintage armchair, an old chest in the country, or your parents will present you with an old box inherited from your great-grandmother? Add a little family history to your interior and it will instantly transform.

Couldn’t find anything worthwhile in the bins? Go to a flea market or an antique shop: you will definitely find something charming and unique.

4. Mood boards

Mood boards are the so-called “mood boards”, which are panels made with your own hands from all kinds of photos, clippings and small objects. They can remind you of pleasant moments (for example, trips abroad) or simply inspire.

5. Lightboxes

Lightboxes, posters, murals with personal mottos, inspirational sayings, apt quotes, or simply words of encouragement that reflect your outlook on life are the perfect opportunity to add a touch of flair to your interior.

And when you get bored, you can change the inscriptions to more relevant ones.

6. Other lettering

If you think quote posters are too trivial, turn to other options for using lettering, all of them work effectively if your goal is to add personality to the interior.

What about the writing on the slate wall? Or storage boxes with appropriate signatures? Or maybe you like words and hashtags cut out of plywood?

It is not necessary to make the inscriptions the main decorative accent, they can be used on a much smaller scale: for example, as a phrase on a mug or a decorative pillow.

7. Children’s drawings

Do you have children in your home? Why not involve them in the creation of unique décor elements? A beautifully designed mini-exhibition of children’s drawings will definitely delight both the youngest artist and the rest of the household.

8. Sports Equipment

Do you have a sports hobby? It’s great because sports equipment can become a bright element of décor – and effectively and eloquently tell about your hobby to all guests of the house.

By the way, modern manufacturers offer a lot of stylish shelves that allow you to conveniently and beautifully place a bicycle, snowboard, and other equipment in the environment, solving the issue not only with the personalization of space but also with storage.

9. Personal Mini-Collections

Another trick that allows you to get away from the feeling of facelessness of the environment is personal mini-collections. Perhaps you collect porcelain dolls or bring back cups from your travels?

Do not hide your “treasures”: organize a stylish exhibition with them in a visible place – and admire them for your pleasure!

10. Clothing as décor

You will be surprised, but things from your wardrobe can also become décor elements. Your favorite T-shirt is no longer suitable for wear, but is precious as a memory? Why not turn it into a decorative pillow cover? The kid has grown up, but you don’t want to throw away or re-gift things dear to your heart at all? Place them in a frame under the glass and the original poster for the nursery is ready!

11. Books & Magazines

What you read—whether it’s books, newspapers, magazines, or fashion catalogs—is a great way to describe you. That is why all kinds of printed publications are a simple and effective way to personalize the interior.

Arrange your favorite literature on the shelves or put a stack of fresh magazines on the side table: you’re done! Plus one to the comfort of your home.

12. Diplomas and trophies

Do you have something to boast about on the sports or professional front? Your diplomas, certificates, cups, medals, and other trophies can also decorate the interior. And, of course, to give it a special character.

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