Black kitchens: 35 examples

A black kitchen in a modern small apartment, large-scale apartment, or country house helps to create a timeless interior that will not lose its relevance for many years. Today, the kitchen space is increasingly being integrated with the living room and dining room, combining functionality and aesthetics.

Cooking and socializing areas are coming together more and more, they are aesthetically linked, flow smoothly into one another, and transitions are seamless. The multifunctional space is formed thanks to an open layout, thoughtful content, harmoniously selected materials, and a winning combination of colors.

The sophisticated and laconic black kitchen looks especially expressive in minimalist spaces. Minimalism as a means of rest from the daily bustle and visual noise, and excessive consumption of information and things implies a restrained palette and laconic forms. The choice in favor of black color helps to accentuate the silhouettes of the furniture, bringing graphicness to the interior. In addition to an expressive visual image, black facades help to visually stretch the room, which becomes relevant for a small apartment.

The black kitchen, despite its apparent simplicity, is never banal. She is universal, strict, and slightly brutal, but she does not obey gender stereotypes. The design of a black kitchen will look equally advantageous in a family home and in the apartment of a single millennial of any gender – it all depends on the personal preferences of the property owner.

Cabinet furniture in dark colors looks more compact in the room. And if the white kitchen seems larger, then the black one, on the contrary, is smaller and slimmer. A popular solution is to hide storage and other household functions behind floor-to-ceiling hinged or sliding doors. The laconic row of facades helps to maintain the overall integrity of the kitchen-living room space, and the matte finish will bring depth to the room.

The classic antipode of black is white, which is also its ideal companion. The classic combination of these two tones is a win-win solution for creating a timeless interior, as well as an impressive visual effect with minimal means. Monochrome backsplash, countertop, and furniture in the design of black kitchens will bring theatricality and drama to the space. And also help to disguise the presence of household appliances.

To overcome the eternal fear of large-scale designs in dark shades, it is worth starting with compact accessories or small pieces of furniture. And only after a while, if the experiment was successful, gradually expand the range. The main thing to remember is that the black kitchen works equally well with a variety of materials and surfaces – metal, porcelain stoneware, and plastic. It looks especially impressive with natural stone and wood, forming an interior in the spirit of modern luxury.

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