Zoning: 10 interiors with comfortable partitions

When we began to spend more time at home, we found that open spaces are not as convenient as they seemed: for all their merits, they do not provide the privacy that is sometimes necessary. Designers offer to solve the problem with the help of partitions of various types – from shelving to lined structures and multifunctional volumes. The open floor plan is maintained, but you can easily avoid it if you wish.

1 Wuyu Design: Bachelor’s Apartment

The exemplary work of the Wuyu Design studio is 75 sq.m in Beijing. This housing needed to be made more comfortable and flexible, making better use of the available space and providing sufficient storage space. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms were of no use to the customer, who lives alone, especially since the rooms were very narrow. After the redevelopment, the wall between the bedrooms disappeared, and the resulting spacious seating area is now separated from the kitchen-living room by a floor-to-ceiling storage system with free passages on the sides. A through the opening between the upper and lower cabinets visually connects the rooms and serves as an additional open shelf.

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2 MDDM Studio: Family Townhouse in Beijing

China-based MDDM Studio has completed a 600 sq. m. built at the foot of the hill. The functional interior program allows three generations of the family to live together at once – and everyone can use both common and private open-plan spaces. The project used built-in furniture and double-height volumes to create an open space that can be reconfigured flexibly should family members need it. Custom-made furniture zones and helps create a smooth transition between public and private spaces.

3 IR arquitectura: small apartment for a couple

18 sq. meters in Buenos Aires turned out to be a huge field for the architects of the Argentine bureau IR arquitectura to implement ideas and experiments with the area. The apartment is located in a house from the 1950s and occupies the “ochava”, or the corner of the second floor of the building, above the entrance to the house from the street. The balcony is separated from the inner space of the apartment by a balcony partition. A translucent white undulating “skin” enhances the effect of the atrium, as does the ceiling, covered with white glossy enamel. The bedroom and work area are located on the podium. Shelving allows you to zone the space while maintaining a sense of integrity. Storage is the most important part of small apartments, and here it is given maximum attention: every square centimeter is taken into account.

4 Offstage: Flexible Apartment

Milan apartment of 250 sq. meters – project Offstage. It is located in a bourgeois and rather ordinary building of the 1960s, standing in the center of the city. Dialogue with clients led to a radical rethinking of the previous layout, to the creation of a space with freely flowing zones. Custom joinery, as is typical of Offstage, often replaces walls, effectively becoming building material. Partitions and panels are mainly made of canaletto walnut. The modular library and storage system defines the transition from the various room-zones.

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Architecture firm Alvisi Kirimoto has completed the renovation of a former farmhouse in Rome. As a result, it was converted into a gallery house and design studio. The archetypal farmhouse form is balanced with contemporary interiors. The architects enhanced the sense of freedom and space by using the height of the ceilings. They reduced the number of walls and left a perimeter filled with light. The first floor is conceived as an informal space with a large living room, where there is a TV area with a specially designed natural wood bookcase and black iron supports. This shelving zone the space, separating the living room from the dining area and open kitchen.

6 Husos Arquitectos: doctor and dog apartment

When a young ER doctor commissioned Husos Arquitectos to renovate a 46 sq. meters, his main desire was to create the most flexible layout not only for himself but also for his four-legged friend. Architects Camilo Garcia and Diego Barajas took the opportunity to make this home as individual as possible. Since the client’s rhythms were disrupted due to night shifts, it was necessary to focus on the bedroom as the main area in the apartment. A kind of multifunctional capsule has become an alternative to the bed, the sliding door turns into a projection screen on which you can watch the projections of your favorite channels. To protect the occupants from the heat, the architects rearranged the spaces and ended up with a large living section that is open to both east and west, allowing for better air circulation.

7 Cometa Architects: Center Block Apartment

Small apartment of 56 sq. meters – a project by Cometa Architects with a reference to a nearby pier. It is located in Barcelona, ​​on the top floor of a house and renovated with industrial materials that reflect the aesthetics of ship piers. All internal partitions were destroyed, leaving only the load-bearing walls. They were coated with a pale gray microcement designed for concrete docks. The rebuilt wooden volume has become like a ship’s cabin, it houses a toilet, a laundry room and a row of storage cabinets. He also zones the space, separating public zones from private ones.

8 ATOMAA: apartment with flexible partitions

High above the tree tops of one of the most beautiful streets in Milan, the sun rises, filling the apartment in which a young couple lives with living light. The architectural project was developed by ATOMAA taking into account the wishes of clients who love books and music. A spectacular partition divides a large room. Now, on the one hand, this is a compact dining room, decorated with decorative wallpaper in the English style, on the other hand, a minimalistic and functional kitchen. The living room changes its look and becomes a large open space with bright terrazzo flooring. The space opens through a series of large portals towards the kitchen-dining area.

9 Quinzii Terna Architecture: a project with a multifunctional volume

Apartment of 50 sq. meters in the house of the early XX century in Milan – the project of the studio Quinzii Terna Architecture. One of the objectives of the project is to emphasize that what used to be an economical option is now considered modern and valuable. While working on the interior, the architects wanted to pay tribute to the original intent of those who designed the house, as well as to mark the traces of previous residents. The renovated space, in their words, is “the object of the greatest transformation.” The new project changes the old one without destroying it or getting rid of it completely. A multifunctional block has become a visual dominant: numerous shelves and a folding table are provided on the outside, and a bedroom area is allocated inside.

10 BLDA Architects: Apartment With Hidden Storage

This loft is located in a London building from the 1930s, where for many years there was a car service, a gas station and an auto repair shop. In 2011, BLDA Architects converted the building into the Talisman House. Spacious, bright apartments occupy the ground floor and stretch over almost 465 sq. meters. The interior is designed to be open and bright. An abundance of natural light is provided by steel windows and glazed doors at the back of the apartment. In order not to clutter up the space with cabinets, there are many hidden pantries. The living and dining area is separated by a small partition, which on one side is an open shelving.

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