10 Things In The Kitchen That Need To Be Updated Regularly

Plastic containers, towels, silicone brushes — we tell you what things should not stay in your kitchen for a long time and why.

1. Sponges and rags

In the kitchen, this is the most “consumable” material, and in principle, rags and sponges do not imply long-term use. It is advised to renew them every two weeks, but the period may vary depending on how intensively you use them. If you wash the dishes several times a day, you may need to change the sponge more often. Focus on the condition of the accessories, the presence of odor, and noticeable traces of grease and dirt.

    2. Cutting boards

    Even high-quality wooden boards quickly lose their original appearance: traces of knives remain on the surface, dirt and bacteria accumulate in them, and the material itself gradually deforms from constant contact with water. Plastic ones last even less. Replace the boards as soon as you notice deep scratches or smell them foul.

    3. Containers

    Containers in which food is stored need to be washed constantly. This is not always done thoroughly, and over time, an unpleasant odor settles on the walls, and old dirt may remain. In the case of resealable containers, the lid often loses its tightness, especially if the containers are made of plastic. Therefore, regularly critically inspect your food storage kit and change accessories in time.

    4. Towels

    Kitchen towels are constantly in contact with grease stains, various kinds of dirt, household chemicals, and water. Because of this, they have to be washed frequently, and this also affects the lifespan of the fabric. As a result, such textiles quickly lose their fresh appearance and generally become unusable. Therefore, do not keep sad faded towels with holes for years, but periodically renew them.

    5. Water Filters

    If you have a water filtration system installed under the sink, remember that the replacement filters need to be changed regularly. Due to constant intensive work, they gradually become clogged and over time begin to clean poorly. Each manufacturer recommends its own deadline, usually once every six months or a year. Make the replacement on a schedule so that you can be sure of the quality of the water.

    6. Cooking oils

    Olive, sunflower, coconut and other oils that are used in cooking have a long shelf life. But they are sometimes consumed slowly, especially if you have bought a large volume, and cook rarely. Therefore, periodically audit your stock and check the expiration date of the oil. If it’s already out, buy a new one.

    7. Detergents

    It’s the same story as with oils: household chemicals are stored for a year or even more, but it is not a fact that you will have time to use them. Expired products become less effective, and in some cases, may even become harmful. Therefore, renew cleaning chemicals exactly when they have served their time.

    8. Grater

    A metal grater serves properly for several years, but if you use it a lot and often, then you may have to replace it earlier. For example, if the surface has begun to rust or the teeth have broken off. Not only does this make the cooking process less convenient, but germs from chips and rust pores can enter the body along with the grated food.

    9. Non-stick cookware

    Special models with a diamond or titanium coating can last for years, but regular non-stick pans and sauté pans fail much earlier. On average, their lifespan is up to two years. Therefore, about once a year, check the dishes for scratches and other damage. A foul smell and the fact that the food has begun to burn are also indicators that it’s time to update the utensils.

    10. Silicone Brush

    Silicone brushes are indispensable in the kitchen: they are convenient for lubricating not only baked goods, but also the bottom of pans and baking dishes. The accessory is inexpensive, compact, and silicone is not afraid of contact with a hot surface. However, over time, the material begins to break down and its particles end up in the food. Therefore, be sure to change such brushes once every year or two.

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