What curtains to choose for different rooms: 45 beautiful examples

Today there are no strict rules for choosing curtains, but there are many different options for decorating a window. We have collected the most interesting ones in one post.

1. Kitchen

Curtains in the kitchen should not only play the role of a decorative element but also meet important criteria: functionality, practical material, and ease of care. Roman blinds, easily adjustable in height, and made of light and light-colored fabrics are a great option. But there are exceptions.

2. Living room

For the living room, a win-win solution is a classic in the form of a plain curtain. If the curtains look too simple, designers decorate them with tassels or lambrequins.

3. Bedroom

For a comfortable sleep, choose lined curtains or single-layer curtains made of thick fabric – velvet, muslin, or brocade. Unobtrusive tones are best suited: they set you up for relaxation.

4. Kid’s Bedroom

Bright colors, patterns, and fun designs are perfect for a nursery. Remember about natural materials that will collect less dust and will not cause allergies.

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