Tiny House: Small apartment of 28 sq. meters

Small apartment of 28 sq. meters – a project by designer Irina Ezhova. The customers, an active married couple, wanted a calm, comfortable interior for permanent residence. One of the wishes was the absence of a kitchen.

In addition to the compact area, the designer also noted the trapezoidal shape of the room as a disadvantage; the window, off-center location, as well as an extremely inconvenient entrance door – the door opens inward and is located close to the wall, which did not make it possible to place a storage system.

Customers travel a lot, are often on the road, and hardly cook themselves. The space should not be cluttered; the less furniture, the better. Functionally, a married couple needed three zones: a bedroom, a workplace, and a bathroom. Conceptually – a harmonious interior for relaxation. The main idea of ​​the design of a small apartment is a laconic, slightly brutal, practical space with accents in a restrained color palette. 

They did not separate the hallway from the room with a partition – the designer created the interior in the spirit of a hotel room. Particular attention was paid to the sleeping area and spacious bathroom. 

The accent wall behind the bed is made of plasterboard with a microcement finish. When the backlight is turned on, an interesting play of light and shadow arises due to the volumetric cubes, and the interior acquires depth.

The kitchen is located in a compact cabinet – the lower section contains a refrigerator and dishwasher, the central section contains a blender, microwave oven and coffee maker, and the upper section is for storing dishes. 

A compact desk was provided for work. The window sill plays the role of an additional seating area where you can receive guests. 

A large closet was placed in the hallway, but the storage system does not hold all the clothes and shoes – the storage room, which the owners of the small apartment rent in the house, helps out.

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