Small studio apartment for a medical student

A studio apartment with an area of ​​31 sq. meters in a new building was purchased by parents for their son, a first-year student at a medical university. Designer Svetlana Selivanova was recommended to customers by friends as a specialist in solving complex planning problems. After all, despite the compact size, the owners wanted to get comfortable, functional, and modern housing. 

The small apartment still had its merits. The compact studio received a lot of light thanks to two panoramic windows. Unfortunately, they also imposed planning restrictions. First of all, modules of standard depth did not fit in the kitchen, and the front wall was not perpendicular to the main walls of the apartment.

“Even from the first measurements, it became obvious that we would have to fight for literally every centimeter,” says Svetlana about the project. In a compact area, it was necessary to place a kitchen with an impressive set of household appliances and a dining area, a wide work desk for studying, a double bed, as well as enough space to store books, clothes, and sports equipment. 

View from the hallway to the dining area. The dining table is custom-made according to the designer’s sketches, The Derevo carpentry workshop. Chairs Gravite, La Forma. 

Fragment of the dining area. The dining table is custom-made according to the designer’s sketches, The Derevo carpentry workshop. Chairs Gravite, La Forma. Pattern cabinet, The Ply workshop.

The design of a one-room apartment began with a layout that was developed long and carefully. As a result, we managed to fit everything necessary into the interior, thanks to non-standard solutions for the kitchen, bedroom, and built-in storage systems, which were custom-made according to the designer’s sketches.

Work zone. The desktop and shelving are custom-made according to the designer’s sketches, The Derevo carpentry workshop. Chair S 43 PVF, Thonet, DK Project. Roman blinds, Manders. Vintage table lamp, Repeat Story gallery. Painting, Natalya Frolova. 

Due to the architectural features of the house, the kitchen was made with one narrow side – the standard depth of the modules was not suitable. In the narrow part, they were able to fit a small sink and a two-burner hob; household appliances were located on the other side. 

In the design of a small apartment, special attention was paid to the work area, since a significant part of the life of a medical student is devoted to study. A table more than 2.5 meters long was placed near a panoramic window. Its unusual shape eliminates the curvature of the outer wall. 

Dining area and kitchen. Set, Atlas-Lux company. Ceramic tiles, Mutina. Jug, Barcelona Design. Painting, Natalya Frolova. 

The sleeping place in the niche is equipped with a podium with storage drawers. Thus, the system turns into a double bed at night and a sofa group during the day. A functional solution for a small interior. 

The young owner insisted on minimalism with bright accents in the interior, and the parents, in turn, wanted high-quality materials and complex textures. The designer was able to please both parties.

The uniform color palette is smoky gray, but materials are used with a wide variety of textures and surfaces. From kitchen facades with imitation metal to birch veneer with metallic stain and gray plaster with a suede effect. Large pieces of furniture were painted the same color as the walls, dissolving them into space. 

The designer did not forget about bright accents, which look especially advantageous in a monochrome interior. Black and white graphics and rich yellow details put you in a positive mood during long hours of study. 

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