Small Parisian apartment designed by Emmanuelle Simon

The Parisian project by Emmanuelle Simon is an example of how a modern interior can be minimalistic but welcoming. Even if the apartment is very small. Simone made every effort to make the modest meters look impressive.

«The client wanted his small Parisian apartment to be comfortable and inviting. The challenge was to create several residential areas in an area of ​​just 27 square meters. The space can evolve and adapt to every time of the day, regardless of whether one person lives here or several.

We concentrated on a solution that can be seen in cafes and restaurants when groups need to be accommodated in a very small area of 6 people. The U-shaped sofa (which converts into a bed) spans both the walls and the window sill, making it the perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment while looking out over the green courtyard below. The kitchen is the central element, visible from every corner of the apartment and helps to hide the bathroom.

In a small apartment like this, everything has to be made to order. The smaller the space, the more precise the designer must be. We had to optimize every area to make it as comfortable as possible and provide ample storage space without wasting precious space.

The main material was limestone-colored concrete (the kitchen is made from it). Functional details are located in a niche finished in brass: it softly and effectively reflects depth and light. Another important material is oak. It is used in the dining area and creates continuity in the living area. Oak is also used for the sofa bed.

The small space allowed us to place only a few items, each of which has its own meaning. For example, a travertine coffee table, a Dick van Sliedregt rattan chair from the 50s (from the Dutch gallery LEV Lifestyle), a small stool from a Paris flea market, a ceramic lamp from the 60s from Marshall Studios, a copper mirror, several vases and pillows from Maison de Vacances in a sand and dusty pink palette. And another picture – “Life is Ice Cream” by Hermentaire.”

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