Mini-house in a shape of a ball

According to the author, the building is suitable for a music studio, a place for yoga and meditation, as well as a simple gazebo.

Mini-house in a shape of a ball for house or camping

Architect Anthony Hodson showed the implementation of the mini-extension. It is assumed that such gazebos will be an excellent addition to the backyard of the main house.

According to the author, he was inspired by the idea of a street office during the pandemic and lockdown. Then I had to work and live on the same premises, and in order to divide them, this project was invented.

The extension is made in the form of a ball. It is covered with steel tiles (resembling dragon scales) – thanks to the material, it is durable and unusual looking.

The author made a glass door and windows in the roof so that natural light filled the room – this will contribute to better productivity. A plywood finish brightens the room.

Although the author located an office there, he believes that such an extension is suitable for different purposes. There you can make a music studio, a place for meditation and yoga, or, for example, use it as a veranda or glamping.

As the architect told the source, this is the first office built. It plans to launch production for customers during 2023 and will make 10 types of buildings.

Earlier we showed an extension resembling a treehouse in Brazil. They also talked about a house on “legs” on the coast of Norway.

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