House-bridge designed by BIO-architects

Russian architect and designer Ivan Ovchinnikov, BIO-architects, is developing his innovative DublDom project.

The house construction is created in a closed clean workshop. And then they are brought to the site and assembled from ready-made modules without dust and dirt, using a regular truck with a manipulator. It takes a few days, after which you can immediately move in. In 2018, the DublDoma prototype became a finalist for the ArchDaily award in the Small Architectural Forms category.

House-bridge is a new project. It is set at the headwaters of a small stream in the middle of the forest. Rising above the water and lush vegetation in summer, the house lives in the seasons and provides ample space to relax. Russian architects created the “house-bridge” as a second residence on the client’s site. It has a traditional gable roof.

The supporting structure is entirely made of wood. The house has glazed facades, thanks to which there is a lot of natural light in the interiors. The narrow interior includes a living room and kitchen, as well as two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms on the ground floor. There is also a small mezzanine above the kitchen with an open balcony.

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