House in the countryside: 8 current examples

1. Chilmark House, Gray Organschi Architecture, and Schiller Projects. USA, Chilmark, Massachusetts

A spacious house with an area of ​​almost 560 sq.m is designed for a large family. It is located on former sheep pastures, which determined the approach of the architects: the shape of the house itself and the neighboring studio resemble two traditional barns with low-pitched roofs characteristic of New England. Views of Chilmark Lake and the Atlantic Ocean are included.

2. House in the Sturcher forest, Bernardo Bader Architekten. Austria

Farm-like two-story house with an area of ​​200 sq. m is located in the wooded mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. As the main material, the architects chose boards of different widths made of roughly processed larch, which harmoniously fit the building into the surroundings. The same wood was used in the interior decoration but in a smooth-planed version.

3. Compass House, Superkul. Canada, Malmer, Ontario

A House of 400 sq. m on the Niagara Upland is designed for six people. It consists of two volumes gathered around a central courtyard with an external fireplace. The clients have lived in England for a long time and have recently returned to Canada, so the name of their holiday residence – “Compass” – directly indicates the new course of life for the whole family. The white color of the building in summer, spring and autumn actively opposes the surrounding greenery, and in winter, on the contrary, allows you to actively mimic the snowy landscape. The interiors also have a lot of white surfaces, but already combined with warm wood. 

4. Chimney House, Dekleva Gregorič Arhitekti. Slovenia, Logatec

Architects of a wooden house with an area of ​​205 sq. m decided to refresh ideas about the local barn and modernize it, giving it the shape of a stove chimney. But the chimney occupies only a small part of the full-length open roof, which creates trendy overhead lighting in the interior. Such an unusual form of the building, according to the authors, not only pays tribute to traditional architecture but also engages in a dialogue with the volume of the church located next door. Designed for a couple, this modest building is covered with oiled larch on the outside, and oak is used in the interior.

5. Wooden house, PIKAPLUS. Slovenia, Kanij Dol settlement

Tiny house with an area of ​​​​only 82 square meters. m is located on the edge of a forest glade. Thanks to the wooden finish, it dissolves in the surroundings and does not disturb its natural integrity. But here, too, the authors managed to give the archetypal hut a modern gloss due to sloping walls, tapering at the bottom, and an almost completely glazed end facade: in this way, the building looks especially impressive in the dark. The light and “soft” interior finish, along with a darker and more rugged shell, is designed to create a sense of security in a capricious natural environment.

6. Light House, Sigurd Larsen. Denmark, suburb of Copenhagen

One of two small houses (135 and 114 sq. m.) in the suburbs of Copenhagen is an example of affordable and at the same time environmentally friendly housing. The volume sewn with larch contains a high, bright living room in the center, two steel walls on one side and a master bedroom with a bathroom on the other. Shed roof allows you to organize additional zones on the second tier. The cost of such typical housing will be about 235 thousand pounds.

7. Farmhouse, Cutler Anderson Architects. USA,  Pennsylvania, Lakewood Village

he architects designed and built a new four-bedroom home on an existing family farm. The building area is almost 280 sq. m. The main distinguishing feature of a seemingly simple and laconic white house was unexpectedly large windows and movable shutters-screens in the entire height of the walls. Thanks to them, the owners can both maximally open the interior space to the surrounding nature and the sun, and completely retire. There is no air conditioning system in this inexpensive house – it is enough to close the shutters in the heat so that the temperature drops by several degrees at once. 

8. House in Shatura, Le Atelier. Russia, Shatura

The house is almost 220 sq. m in Shatura near Moscow is the result of a creative experiment. The buildings surrounding it are so unorganized that on the same street there is a brick “castle” in the style of the 1990s, a wooden blockhouse, and a strange squatter building, to which the premises were randomly attached from the materials at hand. The authors of the project tried to find a style synthesized by this strange environment. As a result, three volumes were combined in one structure: one is lined with bricks, the second with wood and the third with tiles. The central volume is occupied by a public and guest space with a kitchen, and the side ones are given over to a bedroom, technical rooms and children’s rooms.

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