Furniture transformers: great opportunities for small apartments

Less space, more functionality. Designers are experimenting with transforming spaces, fitting the essentials into a few meters.

Architectural bureau MKCA and its founder Michael Chen have long been famous for their thoughtful interiors. Based in New York, the architects work all over the world.

On an area of ​​21 sq. meter, the owner wanted to place a kitchen, dressing room, home office, dining table, full bed, pantry and entertainment area. It would seem a difficult task, but a competent planning solution and transformers designed by the MKCA bureau helped to accommodate everything you need. 

36 sq. meters – excellent footage for a five-in-one multifunctional apartment. The young owner cannot imagine life without a spacious dressing room, home office, bedroom, and living room. Along with the stationary kitchen, the architects of the MKCA bureau designed “moving” walls so that simply by moving the partitions, you can quickly reformat the space.

London bureau Turner Architects, led by Paul Turner reconstructed a small apartment. The owner wanted isolated rooms, but such that family meals were held in a spacious setting. To do this, with the help of a mobile partition, the “center” of the house was developed. On the one hand, this is a cozy dressing room with many compartments, on the other hand, a part of the kitchen with an oven.  

The mode:lina studio has created a multifunctional space on an area of ​​37 sq. meters. It includes not only the house but also the office. The core of the interior is a wooden structure transformer, which includes a part of the kitchen, a workplace, and a bed on the second level. The retractable wall with shelves is easily removed to reveal a secret playroom for the son. At the same time, the rest of the space remains open. It is used for business meetings, seminars, and dining areas. 

Architects from Waataa in Portugal have converted a former office space into a living space. Denoting the bedrooms in a relaxing blue and the kitchens in a dynamic orange hue, the designers provided each area with retractable elements (dining table, bed, wardrobe). “Incorporating foldable furniture into the design is both a rational space-saving mechanism and an opportunity to interact with your home,” comments project architect Lucas Dees Dezeen. 

Alexander Kudimov and Daria Butakhina, Ruetemple studio , 48 sq. meters placed 5 zones: active for hobbies, television, dressing room, recreation area and living room. Under the white cube, which encloses the garden, there are retractable soft modules for relaxation and entertainment. And storage systems built into the wall and merging with the finishes allow you to concentrate all things in one place, leaving other areas spacious and uncluttered. 

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