7 amazing living rooms where you don’t want to change anything

The living room is the heart of the house because it is here that festive feasts are held with friends and family gatherings. Therefore, it is important to think over the interior to the smallest detail, to make it not only functional but also modern and cozy. Check out a selection of projects by Russian designers and take note of the ideas for your living room. 

1. Bright interior with interesting accents

The interior is based on a combination of a light background, American walnut finishes, and furniture in rich shades. On the floor, there is an engineered board and porcelain stoneware of two types. The furniture is mainly made to order according to the drawings and sketches of the designer. The office is separated from the living room by a mirrored partition with two sliding glass doors. This solution makes the interior lighter, and airier and visually enlarges the space. 

2. Sophisticated living room in soothing colors

The kitchen-living room in this project is decorated in the style of modern classics. There is also a cooking area, a dining table, and a place to relax. The designer preferred calm shades and simple solutions. The walls are painted and decorated with moldings. All details and accessories are made in the same golden finish. The diptych “Silence” by the young artist Ekaterina Ivanova fits perfectly into the interior, emphasizing the sophistication and restraint of the design. 

3. Modern interior with bright accents

The designer designed a thoughtful and elegant interior. For finishing the floor, they chose an expensive and high-quality laminate. The walls are painted in a neutral hue. A marble-textured dining table, chairs, and metal accessories create bright accents in the interior. The painting above the sofa rhymes in color with the floor lamp and coffee table. 

4. Small cozy living room with oriental motifs

Designers have created a light interior with moldings and gold elements. The basis is light colors that visually expand the space. The main theme of the room is “The Night of Scheherazade”. The idea was realized with the help of an oriental panel behind the sofa, which is complemented by lamps in the form of magical birds. The color of the sofa cushions echoes the ornament on the panel. 

5. Stylish interior with classic elements

To decorate the living room the designer used white paint on the walls and ceiling – it is easy to restore it, and you don’t even need to choose a color scheme. You can easily add different colors to this base according to your mood. For example, the yellow color reminds of a vacation and is combined with gold fittings. The wall behind the sofa was decorated with a painting by Turkish artist Hulia Ozdemir. For the floor, they chose herringbone parquet, which goes well with floor-to-ceiling windows, wrought-iron balconies, and the interior as a whole.

6. Stylish living room with winter garden

In the interior of the living room, works of modern art and ceramics by Kaliningrad masters were used. All the walls are painted with Sherwin-Williams white paint, and a dense turquoise shade was used on the cabinet doors. Most of the furniture was ordered from Polish and Italian manufacturers. Directly from the living room, you can get into the winter garden – it is separated from the room by glass slider doors. 

7. Cozy living room in Scandinavian style with a fireplace

The designer designed a bright functional interior in a country house. The fireplace is decorated with logs, which make the atmosphere even more warm and cozy. The decoration used materials traditional for the Scandinavian style: a lot of white, wood products. Sawn wood coffee tables blend harmoniously with the finish and serve as a textural accent.  

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