5 small transforming apartments that will surprise you

The high cost of housing and small apartments sometimes force architects to create incredible spaces that can move, transform and contain everything necessary for life.

Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, and workspace – sounds like an entire 60 m2? Not necessary. Our selection includes 5 small transformer apartments from different countries, where it is convenient to live and even work.

1. Bright studio with modular zoning

This 36m 2 Sydney apartment has three rooms: a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Architecture studio Catseye Bay was tasked with redefining these spaces, creating comfortable spaces for relaxing, storing, and preparing food. The main idea of ​​the designer Sarah Jamison was zoning with the help of a wooden partition, which at the same time would serve as overall furniture: cabinets, shelving, and wardrobe. So there was a two-meter wooden structure, designed diagonally from one of the walls of the bedroom. On one side, there is a place for storing clothes and shoes and changing clothes. On the other side, podium shelves are built in, on which a sleeping place and a seat below the level are located. Thanks to this technique, the bed is invisible when entering the room. The wide window sill acts as a desk. In the kitchen, the worktop set goes into a small dining area. All structures are made of birch plywood.

2. Bright blue apartments: one “wardrobe” – many solutions

New York apartment designed by Michael K Chen Architecture with an area of ​​42 m 2. As the architects themselves say, this apartment is one large piece of furniture resembling a spacious closet. The most interesting thing is that it transforms into everything that is needed in everyday life. There is a wardrobe, a folding bed with a bedside table, and a folding table. Depending on whether the bed is open or not, this desktop can be located in two different locations: closer to the kitchen or in the living room. The configuration of this design (by the way, in a very juicy blue hue!) allows you to turn a one-room apartment into a living room, bedroom, dining room, and office. In the extreme part of the “closet” there is a kitchen – miniature, but with everything you need, and a dining and working surface adjoins it.

3. Two-story room with a multifunctional cube and a hammock under the roof

This two-story room with an area of ​​33 m 2  is a kind of mini-apartment for a brother and sister on the territory of a country house. The clients wanted dynamism and versatility in this two-level space. To give it airiness, they made 4 panoramic windows and 6 in the attic, white color and light wood were used in the decoration. On the first “floor” the designers placed a cube on wheels, which transforms depending on the momentary need. There are several provisions.

  • Cube modules are placed along the walls, and inside the space is freed up for active activities.
  • The modules come together to form a separate lounge area inside – ideal for relaxing with friends.
  • The modules are arranged so that a closed space is formed in one part of the room.

Additional zoning was determined by the staircase: it divides the room into two parts. The first one is dedicated to education. The second is for meeting with friends, it continues on the second floor with a hammock net, a large mattress, and a dressing room. 

4. An apartment for those who work from home, with a full bedroom and an office

The main feature of the small apartment is that its functionality is predetermined by the architect Yuko Shibata in time: from 10 pm to 9 am is the “home” zone, and from 9 am until the night is the “office” zone. The idea is based on mobile screen walls. One of them is adjacent to a built-in bookcase (which can either be opened for access to books or closed for more freedom of movement). The other closes the area with the bed during the day, increasing the workplace, and at night it simply divides the room in half: into a full-fledged bedroom and an office. A well-thought-out solution for long-term remote workers. Once again, the space gets extra lightness with light wood and white, only added to them with a cheerful light green hue.

5. Studio project with revolving wall and visual illusion

The project of this interesting apartment with a wall that causes optical illusion was prepared by the Russian architect Vlad Mishin. The apartments are divided in half by a structure that defines the boundaries of the newly formed rooms. It consists of several transforming blocks made of black metal frames and plywood. The three main blocks rotate; one of them has a built-in TV that can be viewed from the bedroom, kitchen, or living room – depending on the position of the wall. The other two blocks act as a doorway at the entrance to the bedroom. Kitchen appliances are also hidden in a niche behind a sliding partition. The door to the bathroom is the final element of the movable structure.

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