7 Hallway Tricks We Noticed in Designer’s Projects

In order for the entrance area not to look like a utilitarian room, faceless and gray, designers implement the most daring solutions in their projects. Juicy colors, non-standard finishes, interesting furniture – we have collected relevant ideas for arranging the hallway, which will help turn it into a bright “business card” of the home.

Non-trivial wall decoration

A stylish effect, a feeling of freshness, a cozy mood – all this will be in the entrance area if you approach its design with courage… For example, the mosaic “portal” made of juniper cuts around the back door of a three-room apartment designed by Maria Glukhova looks very original. The material has a pleasant smell and, in addition to aesthetics, performs a protective function – it protects the corners from deformation.

Flush-mounted doors

In order to get rid of the “multi-door” effect, which presses and splits the entrance area into many small sections, Irina Naumchik decided to install concealed doors in her two-bedroom apartment. They helped to maintain the unity of the decoration and visually enlarge the space. In addition, this solution looks stylish and harmonious.

Minimum Items

The area of this hallway is small, so they did not clutter it with massive storage cabinets. There is a spacious walk-in closet for this purpose. In the hallway, only the most necessary items were provided: a hanger for everyday outerwear, a shoe cabinet (you can put a bag and keys on it), a mirror, and a bench.

Custom finishes

The entrance area in this three-bedroom apartment was highlighted with marble-like porcelain stoneware on the floor and dusty pink on the walls. A cornice with a frieze was installed along the perimeter of the ceiling, which visually made the ceiling higher. The walls were decorated with classic moldings that echo the panels on the facades of cabinets, consoles, and doors. Such solutions are typical for classical and neoclassical styles, they look fresh, and make the space more interesting and voluminous.

Integration with the residential part by means of finishes

Nothing brings coziness to the hallway more than being as close as possible to the rest of the apartment. In this small hallway, the same light paint, the same flooring, and furniture panels were used for the walls, which flow into the living room. The same finish unites the entrance and subsequent areas visually. The lack of “crushing” expands the space a bit.

Stylish gimbal

Properly planned light transforms the room and makes everyday life comfortable. Even in a small hallway, there should be several light sources that solve certain tasks. In the hallway in the photo below, in addition to the point overhead light, there is a beautiful pendant. It has a decorative function and illuminates the mirror.

Retro Details

In this hallway, designed by Pavel Foteev, vintage elements from the previous owners have been preserved – a wooden hanger from the 50s and an old bell with an original horn. For maximum organics, the interior was complemented by a narrow cabinet and an upholstered bench with wooden elements in the decoration. These items enhanced the aesthetics of the room, made it “lively” and cozy.

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