ASKO Elevate: new hob with integrated hood

The household appliances brand ASKO presented a unique Elevate hob with a built-in hood, powered by the Celsius°Cooking™ intelligent system. When turned on, the hood located in the center of the hob automatically rises. It effectively absorbs cooking fumes and odors. It has five operating speeds, as well as an air purification function.

In addition, the hob tells you when it is time to clean the filters. When the hood is raised, there is enough space on the hob for cookware of any size. The module can also be used in a recessed position – you don’t have to choose between clean air and culinary creativity. The Auto Bridge™ feature allows you to use very large pots and pans: it increases the heating zone so you can place, for example, a grill or tepan yaki on the panel.

Many hoods do a good job of removing odors, but not all of them do it quietly. The filtration system of the ASKO Elevate induction hob with built-in hood is equipped with not one, but two powerful motors. They provide not only effective vapor removal, but also quiet operation. The filtration system has two built-in filters that are easy to clean.

The hob with built-in hood can be installed flush with the countertop – this way you will maintain clean lines in the interior. The non-standard location of the minimalist hood (not on the wall, but inside the panel itself) also helps in creating a laconic kitchen interior.

The Elevate is part of the Celsius°Cooking™ system, which includes accessories that allow you to cook with precise temperature control, a collection of step-by-step gourmet recipes and premium induction cooktops. The hob, frying pan, sauté pan and temperature probe communicate with each other via Bluetooth to ensure the correct temperature and perfect heat at the right time.

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