Snow Monochrome: New Year’s Displays BAXTER

The Italian brand Baxter presented winter decorations for the windows of its showrooms around the world.

One of the key elements of the decorative design was new items from Baxter from the first limited edition of candles and diffusers. The contents are enclosed in an elegant form: rounded vessels and bowls are made of the finest Murano-blown glass. The spiral decor captivates with its shimmering purple hues, which reveal especially brightly in the light of candles.

It has long been known that scents evoke the most enduring associations, so Baxter sought to develop scent compositions that would be closely associated with the brand. Thyme, bay, and rosemary are spicy top notes that help create an intimate atmosphere for a cozy evening. A little later, the bouquet reveals aromas of flowers, olives, and almonds, and at the end, you can feel notes of earth and leather – a material that has always played an important role for Baxter.

The source of inspiration for the designers when creating the interior composition was snow-capped mountain peaks: their image on the wall serves as the backdrop for the living area with minimalist Baxter furniture. A special place here is occupied by two exclusive items in a limited winter design: the Marilyn Special Edition armchair and the Hugo Special Edition bookcase in light concrete. Both of these pieces, designed by Draga & Aurel, add visual lightness to the interior.

The core of the composition is the best-selling Piaf sofa in milky upholstery, referencing the aesthetics of soft minimalism, as well as the legendary Nepal Mama armchair by Paola Navone: its fluffy upholstery helps create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth.

Upholstered furniture is complemented by Thalatha and Pilar tables in the same color, a light organic rug and a striking Nuvola lamp reminiscent of a cloud. Smooth lines and a monochrome color scheme create a clean interior image that becomes an homage to the beauty of snow.

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