8 Unusual Ideas for Zoning in a Small Apartment

How do you delimit a small apartment to find space for all the areas you need? Erecting plasterboard partitions is a familiar solution, but it “eats up” an already small space. We offer more interesting alternatives for zoning.

1. Different ceiling levels

Zoning can be not only vertical but also horizontal: for example, when functional zones are marked with different ceiling heights. The level difference is usually made of drywall. This technique does not visually reduce the height and width of the room, but, on the contrary, emphasizes the geometry of the space. For example, in this studio, the TV and recreation areas were designated in this way.

2. Suspension Column

A suspended column is another non-standard zoning solution. The upper part of the structure is attached to the ceiling and the lower part is fixed to the floor. There is a void between them: this is necessary so that the column is not monolithic and the feeling of a single space is preserved. You can go further and add functionality to the partition: for example, here the designer attached a swivel TV to the top. It can be viewed from any area — kitchen, living room, or bedroom. And at the bottom of the column, there is a built-in bio fireplace.

3. Frame partition

If you do not need complete insulation of the kitchen, you can make a contrasting partition frame between it and the living room from slats, cork expansion joints on the floor, and other suitable materials. The effect will be enhanced by different flooring in the cooking and recreation areas – this is exactly what was done in this project. This solution is also practical.

4. Bedroom “in the closet”

“Hiding” the bed in the closet is a great idea to help isolate the bedroom area and still get a thoughtful storage space. This solution is suitable for apartments with a complex layout, where there is a sufficiently large niche that can be completely occupied by a bed. For greater functionality, the bed can be equipped with a podium with drawers, as here, wardrobes or shelves

5. Sofa as a divider

One of the simplest solutions is to zone the space with furniture. To do this, choose a non-standard arrangement — not along the perimeter. You can take an example from this apartment and put a dining group with bright chairs in the kitchen area, and a neutral-colored sofa next to it, in the center of the living room. Unify the zones with colorful accessories: here it’s a sofa cushion and a bouquet on the table in the color of the chairs.

6. Chest of drawers-partition

Another cool idea with furniture. A wide chest of drawers will help to distinguish between the sofa area and the bedroom area if you place it not against the wall, but at the head of the bed so that the drawers move out towards the sofa. It’s okay if the back wall doesn’t match the color of the rest of the body (this is the option in this project) — you can’t see it behind the pillows and soft padding under the head. The furniture will work as a partition, but at the same time, due to its low height, it will not overload the space.

7. Two-level podium

If the ceiling height allows or the floor in the room is initially at different levels, a podium can be used for zoning. Upstairs it is convenient to organize a seating area or a sleeping place, as they did here, and in the “staircase” – to equip a place for additional storage. This technique looks especially organic in graphic minimalist interiors.

8. Accent Wallpapers

Accent wallpaper is another decorative, non-cluttering way to divide a space into zones. An additional benefit of the reception is that you can do the rearrangement at any time, you will not be limited by the septum. When choosing wallpaper, remember that saturated colors are more suitable for the part of the room that is closer to the window, and light colors are more suitable for the farther room. In this studio, the designer settled on a gray-yellow geometric ornament that adds warmth and brightness to the white interior.

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