9 Unusual Bathroom Solutions from Designers Projects

Built-in faucets in the wall, a countertop with several levels of height, a mirrored cabinet, and other bold techniques that we found in bathrooms decorated by professionals.

1. Capsule shower

You’ve never seen anything like it! The classic interior in deep dark shades, with wooden furniture and décor, is complemented by a capsule-shaped shower cabin. It is designed in the corner, finished with micro cement on the inside, and painted on the outside to match the walls and ceiling. This design looks futuristic and very impressive, and all the functionality necessary for the shower area is preserved inside.

2. Full-wall cabinet

In the bathrooms that are located in the apartment, it is customary to limit yourself to a standard set of storage systems: a cabinet for the sink, a couple of shelves, and optionally a utility cabinet, if you are lucky and have enough space. But in this project, the designer proposed a more ambitious solution — to create a large storage system along the entire length of the wall and from floor to ceiling. All shelves and drawers are hidden behind neat louvered doors to match the finish, and there is also a compartment for a washing machine. As a result, the issue of placing all the necessary things in the bathroom is solved, and the texture of wood is harmoniously combined with marble.

3. Mirror cabinet

As a rule, a sink cabinet is made of wood or moisture-resistant MDF. These are practically non-alternative materials that cover both practical and aesthetic tasks. But you can go further, as they did in this apartment. To visually enlarge the space, the author of the project decorated the facades of not only the utility cabinet but also the cabinets with mirrors. It turned out to be very stylish.

4. Mezzanine cabinet

This whole project is very unusual, bold, and full of small but important details that create an overall atmosphere. The rooms are filled with antiques, there is a lot of wood and the bathroom is no exception. But it’s not just the décor and finishes that catch the eye, but also the storage solutions. So, the designer proposed to supplement the traditional cabinet (in this case, an antique chest of drawers that replaces it) with a shallow mezzanine cabinet – such a solution is usually found in the kitchen. The facades echo other wooden elements and maintain the overall warm mood.

5. Wall-to-wall shelf

Shelves in the bathroom are a great way to arrange additional storage. They are usually placed above the bathtub or in the shower area, above the sink. But if the area of the room is small and the wall is not too wide, a shelf can occupy its entire length from edge to edge. It is on this scale that the solution looks interesting, but at the same time not cumbersome. In addition, you can conveniently place small things where you need them: for example, a glass with brushes above the sink, and shampoos or scented candles above the bathtub for the atmosphere.

6. Color-changing backlight

The designer purchased this studio for rent and created a bright, bold interior that did not need to be coordinated with anyone. The bathroom turned out to be bright to match the rest of the space, and lighting played a big role in this. The author of the project chose dynamic neon lighting, which not only emphasizes the rich palette but also changes its color at the request of guests, completely transforming the bathroom.

7. Glass-block shower room

Glass blocks are now at the peak of popularity: they are actively used in residential interiors and in any room. Most often, of course, for partitions. But in this project, glass blocks were not just used to delimit parts of the room, but to use the material to decorate the screen in the shower room along with ordinary transparent glass. This immediately made the area visually more interesting and textured.

8. Multi-level countertop

We’re used to the fact that the countertop is a flat surface, but who says it always has to be this way? For example, in this apartment for the blogger, the designer implemented many bright solutions, including a two-level structure in the bathroom. Part of the worktop is on a higher level: there is a washing machine underneath. In the lower part, there is an accent countertop sink, and below it there is a storage cabinet. As a result, the ergonomics turned out to be ideal for the customer.

9. Wall faucet

Sink faucets are usually installed in the same sinks, but the models built into the wall are not so popular yet. Although this solution is not only spectacular but also practical. Here, the designer used an unusually bright faucet to match the plumbing and the lamp, and the non-trivial location only enhances the accent.

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