Summer cottage right at home: 11 trends for a balcony and loggia that will take you out of the city

Not everyone has the opportunity to escape from the city to the countryside. But you can create an atmosphere of suburban recreation right in your apartment by using the balcony. We show you how to do it in an accessible way.

1. Set up a corner for tea parties

There’s nothing better than a leisurely tea party in the fresh air. To recreate this feeling, arrange a small “gazebo” on the balcony: install a table and a couple of chairs, and add planters with plants. For more atmosphere, place a bouquet of fresh flowers on the countertop. If the balcony is open, fix a parasol over the table so that too-bright rays do not interfere and do not bake your head.

2. Grow a Mini Garden

It is difficult to imagine a cottage without a garden with beautiful flower beds. Therefore, if you have green pets, move them to the loggia with the onset of the warm season. Or choose a few plants specifically for the balcony: for example, plant unpretentious annuals, climbing, or ample varieties. Most often, growers grow petunia in such conditions – it grows quickly, does not require special care, and blooms beautifully.

3. Make a wicker “fence”

Another atmospheric suburban attribute is a wicker fence. She will “transport” you to the country all summer. Such a decorative fence can be made on your own: for example, woven from willow twigs. Braided bread is also sold in stores, most often polymer vines are used for its production. Or order a fence from private craftsmen – it’s not too expensive. On an open balcony, it will not only create the right mood but also provide privacy.

4. Hang Lanterns

To make the balcony look even more like a summer house, use lighting. So, instead of ordinary lamps, you can choose lamps in the form of street lamps. If desired, add garlands by hanging them on the walls or on the window if the loggia is glazed.

5. Choose garden furniture instead of regular furniture

Place a set of garden furniture on the loggia: a table, wicker armchairs, or a sofa. Add padded seat covers and cushions for comfort. Such furniture can even be placed on an open balcony, as it is designed for outdoor conditions. It is not afraid of dampness and will survive rains, and the removable covers are easy to wash. Add cosy textiles and your relaxation corner is ready.

6. Plant a vegetable garden

Another must-have attribute of country life is a vegetable garden. But it is quite possible to grow it on the balcony, thereby turning it into a small dacha. You are unlikely to harvest a huge harvest, but you can definitely enjoy the process – as well as pamper yourself with your own berries, vegetables, and herbs.

7. Supply folding furniture

Just like wicker garden furniture, folding furniture is perfect for balcony furnishings. You can exhibit it in the warm season and enjoy your vacation “in nature”. And in bad weather or in the cold season, the folding set is easy to fold and put away – when assembled, the furniture takes up a minimum of space.

8. Put the lemonade on

Cold homemade drinks are another attribute of a summer vacation in the countryside. For a beautiful presentation, use a lemonade maker with a mini tap instead of the usual jug. And if you don’t make drinks at home, you can turn this container into an interesting décor element. Add neatly sliced fruit, mint leaves, etc., to make it look stylish and cozy.

9. Add Braided Accessories

Wicker products are one of the easiest ways to create an atmosphere of village life. Use them to decorate a balcony: for example, put plants in wicker planters. You can also decorate the space with stands and napkins, panels or macramé curtains, and wicker boxes.

10. Choose an “outdoor” finish for the walls

To make the balcony even more reminiscent of a summer cottage, choose a finish for it that is similar to an outdoor one. That is, make the balcony walls visually resemble the facades of the house. For example, you can sheath them with clapboard or choose textured plaster. If the balcony is brick, leave the rough finish as it is. Or line the walls with gypsum bricks.

11. Hang Swing Chair

One of the main trends that are relevant for both balconies and summer cottages is hammocks and their alternatives. For a closed loggia, a hanging swing chair is suitable. There are models on a frame and attached to the ceiling. In the second case, keep in mind that you can’t put a lot of load on the balcony ceilings, so choose light options.

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