Modern wooden houses: Types of facades

We love wooden houses for their warm and cozy look that blends beautifully with any environment. We have accumulated a lot of interesting ideas that are ideal for the design of small wooden houses or cottages, and we decided to share them with you in this article.

Next, you will learn about what wooden houses are like today, covered with siding and made of logs, and also take a look at inspiring photos of the facades of wooden houses. We hope that the ideas and examples collected here will help you decide on the exterior design of your own home and make it attractive for many years to come!

Beautiful wooden houses: what are their advantages?

Wood is a wonderful material for building and finishing a private house. Here are just some of the advantages that wooden houses have:

  1. Exceptional insulation. The thermal conductivity of wood and materials based on it (plywood, chipboard, MDF) ranges from 0.1 to 0.25 W/(m*C). For comparison: the thermal conductivity of concrete is 1.51, brick – from 0.4 to 0.7, granite – 3.49 W/(m*C). This means that with wood, significantly less energy will leak out of your home. If you want to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, and at the same time spend less money on heating or air conditioning, then you simply can’t think of a better material than wood!

2. Environmental friendliness. The production of wooden houses causes minimal harm to the environment, and most importantly: the forest is a renewable resource of our planet.

It is also known that wooden structures absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but do not release it back. It is the only carbon-neutral building material. Moreover, wood is still capable of regulating humidity and calming the nervous system with its appearance alone. It is believed that wooden houses are ideal for families with children.

3. Wide aesthetic possibilities. Today, the facades of wooden houses are made from dozens of types of wood. They differ not only in color but also in grain (knots and patterns), which makes even the smallest home look beautiful. At the same time, the wood can be painted in any color, waxed, or varnished, thereby raising its natural attractiveness to a new level.

4. Reliability and durability. Wood is a very durable material in all respects. But what makes it truly special is its flexibility – a property that brick, stone, and concrete do not possess. So if the foundation of your home moves a little over time, the wood will be able to flex and adapt to the change. Whereas even the smallest shift in the foundation of a brick house will inevitably lead to the formation of cracks.

Which facades of wooden houses are better and more durable?

Today there is a huge selection of wood for building a private house. Some species are used for thermal insulation, others for beautiful finishing of facades and windows, and others in cases where you need to save money. The most common and versatile species are pine, spruce, and oak, but your final choice will depend on which wood is more available where you live.

Many people are concerned about the question: how much do wooden houses suffer from moisture? And which tree best withstands its harmful influence? The answer to this question may surprise you. It all depends not so much on the type of wood itself but on the quality of its coating. Wood with an untreated surface will noticeably darken within a few years after construction. But even if the appearance of the timber suffers, it will still serve you for about 30 years before it needs to be replaced.

However, wood surface treatment is necessary not only to preserve its color. Some people even prefer the look of old, grayed wood, which gives their homes a majestic appearance. Moisture also contributes to the appearance of cracks and attracts small pests. These smallest pests can cause surprisingly great harm. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to treat wooden houses with antiseptics, varnishes, or wax. Also, to protect the lower part of a wooden house, which is very close to the soil, the base of the building is often trimmed with stone.

Next, we invite you to consider the main types of wooden house facades, which are made from logs and/or wood siding.

Wooden houses covered with siding (14 photos)

Wood siding is one of the oldest forms of external cladding for the facades of private houses, which today is performed in a variety of ways. Here we will look at the 3 most common of them and enjoy 15 photos of wooden houses covered with siding.

  1. Beveled siding is made using wooden boards that are sawn at a special angle into two parts, which are thicker on one end than the other. These planks are then installed horizontally on the façade so that the wide edge overlaps the narrow one.

Pine and spruce are the most popular materials for such siding due to their good price/quality ratio. Provided the surface is treated from moisture and pests, it will serve you for several decades, while the average service life of cheap chipboard or MDF siding is 20-25 years.

  1. Woodblock siding. For this siding, small blocks of wood are used, which are a little similar to shingles, although somewhat thicker, more heterogeneous in appearance, and more durable. Wooden houses covered with such siding are most often found in mountains and forests, where their appearance fits most organically into the environment.

3. Lining – smooth wooden panels that are inserted into each other. This type of siding allows you to create the smoothest surface of the facade of a wooden house, which is easy to care for, and at the same time gives it a very stylish modern look.

Before moving on to photos of houses made of timber and logs, we invite you to look at a few more photos of wooden houses with siding trim.

Beautiful wooden houses made of timber and logs (photo)

Timber is considered to be lumber that has a thickness and width of 10 cm or more. Most often, timber houses mean beautiful wooden houses made from pine logs or other trees. Log facades are more expensive than siding and require more maintenance than most other types of facades. This care consists of regularly treating the surface with antiseptics or other coatings against insects and rodents, as well as periodic and timely sealing of cracks.

At the end of our article, we attach a beautiful selection of photos of wooden houses made of timber and logs.

Note that painting and plastering of wooden houses is used only after many years of operation, since such facade coatings do not have the nobility of natural wood and forever reduce the cost of wooden houses.

Painted wooden houses – 4 photos from the outside

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