10 modern bathrooms where stunning views are at the center of attention

We are used to panoramic windows in the living room, bedroom or kitchen. But the huge windows in the bathroom are a bold and non-standard solution. Not everyone is ready to equip a bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows, and even in city apartments, such a move can hardly be called practical.

But when it comes to country houses with great views, the panoramic windows in the bathroom turn into a unique highlight. After all, there is nothing better than rest after a busy day at work, during which you will admire the sea or the amazing landscape. 

Here are ten stylish bathrooms designed for visual enjoyment. Spoiler alert: inspiration and excitement guaranteed!

Villa RA, Italy

Villa RA is located on a hillside in southern Italy. When creating the project, the architectural bureau MORQ provided huge windows in each room – they offer stunning views of Squillace Bay. 

The bathroom was no exception: they decided to install the sink in front of a large square window. The bureau notes that thanks to the use of natural materials, they managed to reveal the simple geometry of the building and create a visual and tactile connection between landscape and architecture. 

Preston Hollow house, USA

US bureau Specht Architects has designed a spacious concrete house in Dallas. Experts gave preference to concrete – it was a reference to Brutalist architecture.

The architects designed the bathroom not far from the bedroom. There are no barriers in the space, but there are incredible panoramic windows: to admire the garden, the owners of the house do not need to get out of the bath. The interior was decorated in light colors, added coziness with the help of wood, and a large amount of natural light penetrates the rooms through the windows – the project turned out to be very successful.

Cliff House, Scotland

The Cliff House is the talented work of Dualchas Architects. Rooms overlook Loch Dunvegan Bay and are built on the northwest coast of the Scottish Isle of Skye.

As in the living room and bedrooms, the bathroom has floor-to-ceiling glazing. The windows are located right next to the bathtub so that during the water procedures, visitors can appreciate the surrounding landscape. The floors are made of concrete and the walls are decorated with light colors. Simple shapes, a minimum of details, and a luxurious look – what else do you need for a dream bathroom?

Muraka Hotel, Maldives

Muraka Hotel is a private beachfront villa at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort. Famous architects Ahmed Salem and Yuji Yamazaki worked on the project. The team managed to create a real masterpiece: guests can spend the night in the bedroom located right under the water – many compare it to an aquarium.

Above sea level, the building has three more bedrooms and a bathroom with a snow-white bathtub overlooking the endless blue waters. The bathroom here is an adjoining room located between the living room and the master bedroom. I would like to book a villa right now!

Leaf House, UK

Szczepaniak Astridge has added an annex to the roof of an architectural photographer and writer. The master bedroom and bathroom are located here, and the project itself is filled with unusual solutions.

In the center of the room is a wooden bathtub, which is located directly opposite the panoramic window. From the bedroom, combined with a bathroom, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of London. There are no barriers or partitions in the space – the bath is not separated from the sleeping area. Of course, not everyone will dare to repeat such a move, but it is he who makes the design truly unique.

Saint Hotel, Greece

Hotel Saint is built on a cliff overlooking Santorini’s seascapes. Kapsimalis Architects has created luxurious rooms that are literally carved into the hillside: the rooms have access to a terrace with plunge pools, but the main feature of many apartments is the view from the bathrooms.

The interiors are finished in white and the team ditched the barriers again – no showers, just pallets, and elegant glass. The dominant style is minimalism, and some showers lead out to the pool through the window. Real miracles!

Casa em Cunha, Brazil

Casa em Cunha is the work of the Arquipélago Arquitetos team and is also unique. The house is built with tamped earth and bricks from the local pottery workshop: warm colors create an incredible atmosphere.

Inside, next to the bedrooms there are a couple of showers with large windows – they are rather modestly equipped, but the architects made sure that every visit to the bathroom is memorable. The tranquil view of the green hills helps with this.

House 23, USA

Architects from Vondalwig Architecture gave this house a second life: the building was built in the distant 1960s and needed renovation. By using wood cladding and traditional Japanese techniques, the interiors have been designed to be magnificent.

One of the jewels was the spacious bathroom with a Japanese-style wooden bathtub built right in front of the window. Now the owners can admire the green garden and feel complete harmony with nature. As an accent, we chose panels made of gray terrazzo tiles – it turned out stylish and interesting.

Bruny Island Cabin, Australia

Bruny Island Cottage is a self-contained holiday home located on 40 hectares of land on an island off the coast of Tasmania. The building is surrounded by terraces facing east and west for the owners to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.

On the western terrace, Maguire + Devin has set up an open-air bathtub, which can be covered with removable panels in case of bad weather. The solution is unusual, but very impressive.

Huaira cabin, Ecuador

Hidden amidst green farmland in Ecuador, this hut was designed by Diana Salvador and Javier Mera as a quiet, secluded place that will reconnect with nature.

To bring the idea to life, the bathroom was equipped with a shower, which is surrounded on three sides by glass walls – a bold move allows you to feel the connection with the surrounding landscape during water procedures.

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