8 unobvious disadvantages that hide interior trends

Metal facades oxidize and become stained, and dried flowers in vases accumulate a lot of dust – read the article about these and other disadvantages of fashionable solutions.

Fashionable techniques look impressive, and many want to repeat them in their apartment. But sometimes trendy solutions turn into unnecessary actions or hide unobvious shortcomings. We have compiled a list of such disadvantages in the article.

1. A thin worktop is not suitable for installing a gas hob

The trend for thin kitchen countertops began to gain momentum several years ago. It looks impressive. When ordering a kitchen, you should take into account not only the appearance but also the characteristics of the materials. If you are planning to install a gas hob, be sure to look at the requirements for the characteristics of the countertop for installing the product. As a rule, the minimum thickness should be 35 mm.

2. Facades without handles have to be opened in two stages

In facades without handles, as a rule, a push-to-open mechanism is installed, which, when you press the door, pushes it out to a distance of 5-10 centimeters. To open the locker completely, you will have to perform one more action. These are small things, but worth knowing about. In addition, fingerprints remain on the facades (especially with a glossy finish), and they have to be wiped frequently.

3. Metal facades oxidize and require complex maintenance

Metal doors (made of stainless steel, brass, or copper) look very impressive. But they require complex care. You will have to make sure that no water gets on the surface, and that the percentage of air humidity in the kitchen is low. Otherwise, the metal will begin to change its structure, oxidize, and rust. It is also worth choosing special cleaning products for facades, otherwise, they may become stained from the too-aggressive action of some components.

However, some people even like the natural aging of metal. But it is not appropriate for all styles. For example, a brilliant classic will not benefit from such an aged effect, unlike a loft.

4. Vases with dried flowers collect a lot of dust and crumble

Vases with bouquets of dried flowers are an enduring trend. They give a cozy, elegant look, and they do not require care, unlike bouquets of fresh flowers or indoor plants. But it is also worth knowing that dried flowers often fall off, and you have to remove their small particles every day. In addition, over time, dust accumulates on the bouquet, which is difficult to remove.

5. The glass partition for the bathtub prevents the use of the shower mixer

The glass partition in the bathroom instead of a curtain looks very beautiful in the photographs. But with daily use, in addition to the fact that you have to wash it after every bath, there is another drawback. If the bathtub is located next to the sink, then such a partition will either not open at all, or will only open into the bathtub. And, if you need to draw water into a large container or wash the bathtub, this can only be done after removing the partition.

6. Dust gets into cabinets through slatted doors.

Slatted cabinet doors are also increasingly gaining popularity. But when choosing them, make sure that the slats are located only on the facade, and that the inside of the door is solid. Otherwise, a lot of dust will get inside the cabinet even with the doors closed.

7. Large indoor plants can be knocked over by children or pets

If you have children or pets, be careful when placing large indoor plants on the floor. They can easily be knocked over and, in addition to the earth, which will crumble, the flower itself can receive critical damage.

8. Hanging sconces near the bed – the risk of hitting in the dark

Hanging sconces near the bed is an effective technique for bedroom design. But you should be extremely careful when installing such lamps and calculating distances down to the millimeter. At night, in the dark, it is easy to hit one of them, and the lampshade may break. If you like this technique, it is better to place the sconces further away from the bed and closer to the wall near the head of the bed.

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