Sunday Light – a lamp that creates the feeling of a sunny day

UK design duo Nat Martin and Sean Hammett have come up with a ceiling light that aims to imitate the natural rays of the sun, boosting the user’s mood and energy levels. The lamp is based on a small but powerful LED suspended under a reflective panel: it, in turn, softly diffuses the light in the room. The idea for Sunday Light came to the duo due to their personal lack of sun: in winter, one of the designers had to rent a windowless office space in London. According to Martin and Hammett, the secret to the lamp’s effectiveness lies in its high color rendering index, which makes the light source look natural and pleasant, even despite its apparent cool tint. In addition, the light from the lamp is not direct, and the acrylic paint on the surface of the panel further contributes to the scattering effect: the authors of the project compare this process with what happens in the Earth’s atmosphere. 

Photo: Nat Martin, Sean Hammett. 

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