Designers made a chair in the image of the ampersand symbol

The sculptural model called &omni is made of stainless steel and reflects the idea of ​​​​the close relationship of man with everything that surrounds him. The silhouette of the object represents the ampersand (&) symbol reimagined in abstract form. At the same time, the chair turned out to be functional: in addition to the seat itself, it has an elongated tail section on which you can place other objects – for example, a small coffee table or console. As conceived by designers Boyoung Kim and Jaehan Choi, the &omni project is a visual embodiment of the unity between people and the environment around them, as well as ways of interacting with it.  “Just as we connect with others to maintain a harmonious life, the item helps us form a deeper connection with our surroundings, allowing us to experience life more fully and understand each other better,” the  duo says. 

Photo: Boyeon Kim.

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