10 common mistakes in decorating a small studio apartment

The smaller the area of ​​the apartment, the more obvious are all the design mistakes. We tell you what mistakes owners of tiny studios most often make and show how to avoid them.

1. Not creating the sleeping area

Attempts to replace the bed with a folding sofa and abandon the bedroom area, making it part of the general studio space, can hardly be called a good solution. Firstly, the bedroom is a private space; secondly, a comfortable bed and a carefully selected mattress are necessary conditions for a comfortable and healthy sleep; you should not give this up even for the sake of a stylish design.

Try to find a compromise: use zoning techniques or arrange a loft bed in a small studio.

2. No zoning

In a studio apartment, the main room will somehow combine several functions, which means zoning is indispensable. It is not necessary to fence screens and partitions; you can get by with a conventional designation of functional areas – color, light, different levels of ceiling or floor, decoration, etc.

3. Furniture too large

Excessively large furniture looks out of place in a small room and makes it cluttered both visually and actually. Choose furnishings commensurate with the size of your studio.

4. Ignoring the possibilities of transformable furniture

If all the necessary furnishings do not fit in a studio apartment, whatever one may say, it is worth taking a closer look at the possibilities of transformable and folding furniture: cabinets, tables, folding, and stackable chairs, and even shelving tables.

5. Overabundance of wall decor

An overabundance of wall decor in a small studio apartment creates visual noise and visually clutters an already modest space. Don’t get carried away with “decoration” and give preference to functional decor.

6. Insufficient storage space

In an effort to decongest a small studio apartment, owners often abandon spacious storage systems – and make a big mistake. After all, if things don’t have a place, they will lie anywhere and create a mess. It is much better to provide the required number of cabinets or allocate space for a small dressing room. And facades matched to the color of the walls do not visually burden the decor so much.

7. Refusal of necessary equipment

Another common mistake is to abandon the necessary equipment. If an oven or dishwasher does not fit in a tiny kitchen area, this does not mean that you should do without them: you can turn to compact models designed specifically for small spaces .

8. Lack of work with space

You should not ignore the techniques for visually expanding space: for example, mirror surfaces perfectly visually enlarge the apartment, and vertical stripes on the walls raise the ceiling. An accent floor or wall will distract attention from the dimensions of the room, and diagonal or transverse laying of the floor covering (or a carpet with diagonal or transverse stripes) will noticeably correct the perception of a narrow, elongated room.

9. Monotonous color scheme

Choosing just one shade to decorate a tiny studio is an unforgivable mistake. This makes the interior boring, flat and visually hides its dimensions even more (yes, even if you go for a light tone). Add different shades of the same color, don’t be afraid of neat accents – and the atmosphere will be transformed.

10. Little light

Oddly enough, the smaller the room, the better it should be lit. Darkened corners in limited space are an unaffordable luxury. Add sources of artificial light and make sure that the sun’s rays penetrate unhindered into the studio apartment.

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