Transforming the interior: 7 simple ideas

Doing your interior design can be challenging. A few simple ideas will help you refresh and update your space.

1. Light Background The easiest way to make a space more attractive is to paint the walls a light color. The room will look spacious, free, and airy. A current solution taking into account the growing interest in minimalism and the undying popularity of the Scandinavian style. Today, manufacturers offer many “correct” shades of white to avoid the effect of a lifeless, cold space. It is important to test the chosen shade in daylight and make sure that it will look as attractive in a real interior as in a store.

2. More mirrors Decorative mirrors can decorate a space, fill space on the wall, and also make the room brighter and, if the mirror is large enough or there are many of them, spacious. Particular attention should be paid to the location of mirrors, especially in a spacious room: they should reflect natural light. Glass elements that reflect the sun’s rays and lamp light can also help achieve a similar effect.​

3. The second life of things Today the topic of sustainable development and conscious consumption is being actively raised. Most of us have quite a lot of stuff. And instead of buying new ones, it makes sense to use existing ones differently. stools instead of tables, frames as candlesticks, vintage plates as wall decor, and so on.​

4. Personal mix Whatever the interior, the main thing in it is to reflect the individuality of its owner. Designers advise creating a personal “cocktail” of objects and textures: pairing a grandfather clock with your favorite modern sofa, laconic furniture with bright art. A combination of different colors and patterns will create a cozy and expressive space.​​

​5 . Use carpets Today, a carpet is not only practical but also a trendy piece of furniture. Carpets add warmth and coziness to cool floors, allow you to zone the space, and serve as bright accents. In addition, they are easy to change depending on your mood and season: for example, light ones in the warm season and dark ones in the cold season. The choice is huge: from kilims with Pokemon to unique objects created by famous architects.

​6 . Add greenery Modern housing is seen as a refuge from drab cityscapes and a lack of nature. The solution is to fill the interior with living plants that are pleasing to the eye and purify the air. A variety of leaves, stems, and blossoms will enliven a space and add color and texture. If you lack the time and skills of a gardener, you should choose unpretentious species that are ready to forgive a lack of care. Or add natural shades and prints to the interior.

7. Order covers Furniture covers are not often found in interiors, but this is a very practical solution. Firstly, covers on upholstered furniture can be changed depending on the season or if you want to update the interior. Secondly, they will help you combine items into a kit if necessary. And thirdly, they will protect the furniture from damage.​​ ​

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