How to make carpet a spectacular interior element: 5 striking examples and tips

Carpet can be a stylish and functional addition to the interior – the main thing is to choose it correctly and fit it into the space. Our detailed guide will help you cope with both tasks with a bang.

How to use carpet in the interior

1. Bright accent in the room

One of the easiest ways to add color and life to a monochrome interior is to place a bright carpet in the room and “support” it with a few pillows in a similar color scheme. This technique works well in the living room or bedroom.

Also, with the help of a contrasting carpet, you can divide the room into functional zones. A bright accent will become the focal point of the interior and will not go unnoticed.

2. Color complement

In almost any interior, you can choose a carpet of soothing shades, the main thing is its combination with fabrics in the selected room. The shade should be slightly different so that the accessory is not “lost” in the interior.

3. Visual effect

With the help of a carpet, you can create a visual illusion and adjust the size of the room. Light carpets can visually expand the space, and dark carpets can reduce it. Monochromatic coatings can only affect the perception of a room with color saturation: calm and cool shades visually enlarge the space, while rich and warm tones create the opposite effect.

Carpets with large patterns and prints concentrate attention on themselves. With the help of small carpets, you can divide a large area into zones, and create a visual center of the room in a small area.

4. Wall Decoration

How appropriate is the carpet on the wall? Modern designers offer a variety of wall hangings that look stylish and decorate the interior. It is important that the color and texture of the carpet are combined with the finish and the chosen design style.

5. Combination of textures

Why not use one rug on top of another? The solution seems non-standard, but it will definitely allow you to create an unusual composition and make a spectacular accent in the interior. Follow a few rules if you choose this option:

  • pattern or background of carpets should complement each other;
  • such a solution should correspond to the style of the interior, it will look especially impressive in an oriental theme;
  • use different textures: for example, a thin carpet below, and a dense woolen carpet with a pile on top.

How to choose a carpet texture

The texture of this accessory is no less important for creating the right interior than its color. The choice should be based on where you will lay the carpet. So, in rooms with high traffic, it is better to choose dense carpets with a wear-resistant surface (entrance hall, kitchen). In the bedroom, you can afford long pile carpets made from natural materials. The choice of a carpet for a nursery should also be determined by the child’s allergy, it is better to pay attention to items with a short pile, as it will be easier to wash them.

Cotton and jute accessories look great in kitchens and bathrooms, as they contrast beautifully with ceramic, marble, and wood floors. Acrylic carpets can also be laid in the bathroom – they are resistant to mold.

How to place a carpet in a room

The place for the carpet should be chosen with the same care as the color and texture, as the correct location of this accessory relative to the furniture will play an important role in the interior. Check out a few tips.

  1. Do not cover the borders of the transition between different floor coverings.
  2. In the dining area, the carpet should be equal to the space of the table and chairs, even a little more, so as not to interfere with moving the chairs.
  3. In the living room, it is better to push small carpets under the sofa by about 15 cm, and on large carpets, upholstered furniture should be on one side or in the middle.
  4. It is good when the line of the carpet runs parallel to the wall, door, closet, or fireplace.
  5. In the bedroom, the carpet should be pushed 15-20 centimeters under the bed.

How to choose a carpet for the style of the interior

Compliance of the carpet with the style of the interior is one of the most important factors in choosing. We have collected some tips from designers.

  1. For modern and minimalism, choose carpets in strict monochrome colors with geometric patterns.
  2. In high-tech interiors, carpets are rare, but not a violation of the rules. A plain carpet of cold colors will help not to spoil this style.
  3. A classic interior is suitable for a carpet with an ornament or a plain one.
  4. For country style, you can safely choose carpets with floral patterns, wicker options, or patchwork techniques.
  5. For a loft, an unexpected, but stylish solution would be an aged “grandmother’s” dark red carpet. It goes well with the wooden floor.
  6. Art Deco or eclectic style will be supported by animalistic patterns on carpets or bright options in the color of furniture and accessories.
  7. A modern style is suitable for an abstract patterned carpet, fabric carpets, or the usual minimalistic pile options.
  8. The Mediterranean style will be emphasized by a carpet in juicy orange, blue and green tones, and romance can be added with a white and blue carpet and a mosaic pattern.

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