Beige is not boring: Project of family apartment

An elegant apartment in pastel shades was a response to the request of the owners, who needed a functional, laconic, and psychologically comfortable interior. The designer offered them the author’s version of the modern style, which has dynamism, calmness, laconism, attention to detail, and an up-to-date interpretation of the “beige” theme beloved by many.

The two-bedroom apartment is located in the residential complex. The customers are a married couple with a schoolgirl daughter. Their adult son lives separately but often comes, and in addition, the owners, who like to receive guests, immediately asked the designer to provide a guest room in the project. As a result, its functions were divided between the living room and the kitchen-dining room.


Ventilation ducts and a load-bearing wall between the hallway and the kitchen prevented serious interference in the volumetric and spatial solution, so the redevelopment was minimal: the openings in the kitchen and bedroom of the owners were moved, and a room was allocated in the hall for a large dressing room.

Due to the fact that the opening in the bedroom was moved a little to the left relative to the previous one, it was possible to place a double bed in the room, which was impossible before the redevelopment. In the kitchen, on the contrary, the opening was moved to the right, due to which it was possible to fit all the necessary cabinets and kitchen appliances and also to isolate the kitchen area in the common space of the kitchen-dining room.

If we take the entrance hall as a conventional axis, then on the left we will see a dressing room and a kitchen-dining room, right on the course there will be the master bedroom, and to the right of it, there will be a living room with an additional function of a guest room. Opposite the living room, there is an entrance to the children’s bedroom, next to the bathroom and toilet.


The screed from the developer was decent – there was no need to redo it. We equalized the height of the coatings, three types of porcelain stoneware, and laminate so that it was the same, without the sill effect. The ceilings are stretched, and matte, and it took only two days to install. The ventilation system was from the developer – nothing else was done.

The walls were leveled with plaster, fiberglass was glued, a thin layer of finishing putty was laid and then paint was applied. In the living room, an additional wood-effect rail was used to decorate the walls – this solution accentuates the recreation area.

In the kitchen, as if in continuation of the backsplash, one of the walls was decorated with stone-effect porcelain stoneware. It’s not just a striking visual solution – it makes it easier to clean. There are also porcelain tiles on the floor in the work area. The same durable and easy-to-clean material was used to decorate the floor and walls in the bathroom, toilet, hallway, and dressing room.

One of the most spectacular solutions is a multi-layer drywall panel with lighting in the master bedroom; it was created to order according to the sketches of Anna Saitova. The wall panel is equipped with lighting, and when it is turned on, the appearance of the master bedroom completely changes: the space becomes more romantic.

Symmetrically arranged racks, made to order according to the drawings of Anna Saitova, form a cozy niche. In their side walls at the bottom there are hidden storage systems: all you have to do is press the wall to access them.


The interior is laconic, but the aesthetics are far from strict minimalism. Rather, it can be labeled as a modern, comfortable style. The color palette consists of cool shades of beige, and beige-gray, as well as the color of natural wood. Black details add brightness and energy to the overall picture.

There are many surfaces with the texture of wood, giving a feeling of warmth and comfort (this is both natural wood and its imitation, laminated chipboard). There are a lot of tactilely pleasant textures: velour upholstery, velvet decorative pillows, and carpets made of art silk (viscose). Warm materials are balanced by cold ones – porcelain stoneware imitating natural stone and metal. A lot of attention is paid to art objects – modern paintings, graphics, and accessories that complement the image of an elegant modern house.

Spot ceiling lighting helps to create a festive mood. A small sofa was placed in the dining room, it is folded, and the dining room is used as another guest room if necessary.

The living room also has another function – a guest room. Friends often come to the owners, which is why a comfortable folding sofa was placed here, on which you can spend the night. The composition of the modular furniture — a low-hanging rack and side showcases — is made according to the drawings of designer Anna Saitova. On the wall is the work of the artist Inga Pavlova.

Part of the wall in the living room was finished with wooden slats – this technique helps to visually raise the ceiling, as well as play with the corner. The folds of the curtain look like a repetition of the theme set by the slats.

In the daughter’s room, everything is organized for the rest and study of a ten-year-old girl: by the window, there is a romantic place to relax (there is a storage system under the seat); Next to it is a comfortable workplace with a shelf on the wall, which also has a decorative function. The table, which turns into a rack, and the shelf were created in the Minerva furniture workshop according to the drawings of the author of the project. The vase on the table is the author’s ceramics by Sasha Hakobyan.

Anna Saitova always pays special attention to the organization of children’s rooms also because she is a mother of four children. Her main advice to parents is to think about whether the interior of the children’s room will be able to adapt to the growing child. This interior is just like that: it is neutral, and here it is enough just to remove the toys to get a room no longer for a child but for a teenager or a young girl. A noble muted shade of pink is also suitable for a girl’s bedroom. And if the hostess gets tired of the color of the walls, it will be easy to repaint them. The room is designed as a full-fledged functional “apartment” for a child, where you can play, study, and relax. An important point is the education of taste from childhood, and here the interior itself acts as a teacher: it develops and supports the main themes of the “adult” part of the apartment.

The bathroom is decorated with stone- and wood-effect porcelain stoneware; The mirror is illuminated, which visually expands the space. The cabinet under the sink is mounted on the wall – this type of installation makes it easier to clean. A countertop washbasin with rounded edges and a round mirror creates a sense of security, while the imitation of natural materials creates a close proximity to nature. In such an atmosphere, water procedures give a special pleasure.

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