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6 things you need to know about corner sofas

A corner sofa is one of the most popular pieces of furniture in modern apartments. We tell you what features and functions it has and how not to make a mistake with your choice.

1. Multifunctionality

With the help of a corner sofa, it is easy to organize not only a guest area with seating but also additional sleeping places – if, of course, the sofa has a folding mechanism. This option is good, for example, as a large sleeping area in a one-room apartment, where you need to arrange both a guest area and a sleeping area in the living room. Also, a corner sofa will be very comfortable if you often have relatives or friends staying over.

2. Transformation

Usually, even children can unfold corner sofas in just a few seconds. The designs of corner sofas allow the installation of any of the transformation mechanisms – “dolphin”, “accordion”, “folding bed”, “euro book”, “roll-out”, etc. The models are presented in a wide range and help to effectively manage limited space, and are also quite easy to use.

3. Diversity

It’s not easy to make a choice from a huge number of models, but thanks to the same variety you can find exactly the corner sofa you need. It can have a U-shape, an angle shape with different or identical sides, as well as any other, more complex geometry.

Most models are produced as composites, that is, some parts of the corner sofa can be used as separate pieces of furniture.

Another type is universal. Its “tail” part can be installed on either side of the main seat, depending on the corner of the room where the sofa will be located.

4. Zoning

A corner sofa can become an indispensable element if you need to zone a room  – even a small one. With its help, you can divide the room into parts, creating a living area in one of them, and in the other, for example, a working or dining area.

The corner sofa itself already outlines the boundaries, and to finally complete them, lay a carpet in front of it, put a small coffee table, and hang a TV opposite it.

You can also further outline the seating area using separate armchairs or ottomans. It follows from this that a corner sofa does not necessarily have to be placed in a corner. It can cross the room from one of the walls and even stand in the middle of the room: the main thing is to choose the context correctly.

5. Dimensions

An important point when choosing a corner sofa is its dimensions when unfolded and folded. It may happen that the sofa corner you purchased simply will not fit against the wall or will not fit through the doors. To avoid such incidents, take the time to not only study photos and prices of sofas but also carefully measure the dimensions of the room where the sofa will be installed, as well as the width of the doorways.

6. Model selection

If you have not yet decided on your future interior style, but already need to purchase a sofa, then buy a neutral option, which you can later decorate with textiles that match the chosen interior. If you already have the decoration and concept, then so that the sofa does not fall out of the style of the room, combine it with curtains, chairs, and the color of the walls. But don’t put all these elements in one color scheme – it’s boring.

Don’t neglect modular sofas, even if you need to buy some additional components: poufs will allow you to add space to the sleeping area when the sofa is unfolded, and additional shelves are convenient for storing cookbooks or other small items.

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