Trends 2022/2023: wall-mounted hair dryer with voice control – Soft Wind

Chinese designer Zhiheng Feng offers a fresh look at the ways in which everyday household items are used. Its Soft Wind wall-mounted device is a hair dryer designed to overcome previous limitations and free your hands for beauty routines like brushing hair, and applying moisturizer or oil conditioner while drying. The device received the European Product Design Award 2022.

This hair dryer can adjust the air volume (it is called one of the quietest) and switch modes through the on-screen panel. Unusual features include an intelligent voice interface and the ability to play music. So while drying hair or being in the bathroom, it can be used as a player. The mirror display of the hair dryer is equipped with a system against the appearance of water condensate.

It is noteworthy that the development was carried out by a team of designers from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts: the curators believe that most of the usual things related to the beauty industry need to be reinvented due to the advent of new technologies.

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