Pocket gadget Rabbit R1 with AI assistant

One of the most high-profile premieres of the last CES 2024 exhibition was a pocket device from the startup company Rabbit R1 based on its own large action model LAM (Large Action Model). The model allows the device to generate a sequence of steps to work in any application and execute any commands. Unlike applications based on LLM (Large Language Model) that are common today, R1 is focused not on generating responses, but on generating actions – and in fact, can replace a personal assistant. Using a voice or text command, the gadget can perform simple tasks – order a pizza, make an appointment with a doctor or call a taxi – or more complex ones – plan a trip, including booking tickets, hotels, and leisure activities, or create a menu for the week based on a photo of the contents of the refrigerator. The device is equipped with a 2.88-inch touch display, a PTZ camera, a control roller, a pair of microphones, a speaker, and a button to start dictation of a request. The cost of the gadget is $199. The first 20,000 pre-order units sold out in less than 48 hours.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
those who are in a hurry

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