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New Hobby or Minimalism

When an idea of ​​a new hobby appears in our head, we are usually very inspired, and we think that there will be time for this, if not every day, then at least once a week. Therefore, without hesitation, we go to the appropriate store and buy all the best. But, unfortunately, we are in no way insured against the fact that this very best will then lie dead weight. And not only to occupy a valuable place in the house, but every day to remind one of its kind: “Do you remember, you wanted to do something? Then why is this thing lying here? Why are you not doing that?”

That is why We have formed several ways to find harmony in the matter of new hobbies and things in the house associated with them. Of course, the initial data for different hobbies are different, so for someone life hacks are suitable, and for others – only some, but for someone, nothing at all will suit. So let’s go: 

1. Rent

Here, however, a lot of things can be easily rented, and not only for money in special places but also for free – from friends. 

Let’s take snowboarding. Of course, after watching cool videos on YouTube, you think that you will be seized by a new hobby with your head, and you will not get off the board for days. But in fact, it can easily be that you try, ride for two days and let you go. And in this regard, rent is a much more reasonable decision. Well, think about it, I tried it – I didn’t like it – I tried something new.

2. Go to specialized places where you can do this hobby. 

We have two examples for you at once – Free Art school. In the drawing-room they give out all the materials and tools, you don’t have to buy anything at all. You just come, take the general watercolor and paint, leave any donation if you wish. And if in a couple of drawings you will understand that here it is – the hobby of your dreams, then go to the art store for cool watercolors. So you have a chance to painlessly try different paint options and choose the most suitable one.

Workshops, where masterclasses are held in almost all types of applied arts. There you can come to a master class on clay molding, on another day – stick beads, and on the third – to do string art. You don’t buy anything here, and you can get the first impression of being in contact with a wonderful occupation. We are sure that you yourself will give a huge number of examples of such projects in your city.

3. Another way is to listen to the inner feelings.

 If there are already enough different things related to hobbies in the house, then try to sort them out. Look at them and listen to yourself trying to understand whether you want to do it or not? In this regard, decluttering projects are very helpful. If You haven’t done something for a year, then probably you will never do it again. If something has been lying for a couple of months, then you can let it go. Of course, there is seasonality in hobbies. But if you don’t do it two seasons in a row, then you probably know that you will never do it.

4. Allocate limited space for hobby – related items. 

Of course, this is not suitable for everyone, but in the case of DIY projects, it is very even. Take strictly one box is for hobbies, and when things start not to fit into it, this is a reason to think. Reasonable space constraints can be helpful in this matter. If you want to buy something new – give/sell the old, which you don’t use.

5. Do not buy materials for creativity simply because they are beautiful, but acquire them for a specific idea. 

6. Don’t do two things at the same time. 

In general, the idea of ​​sharing hobbies and doing one thing is just right here. A great way to focus on one thing and add awareness to any activity. And you will need much fewer items. 

7. And the last point – forget all of the above, if a new hobby brings you pleasure . 

If something brings joy to life, then so be it.

How do you solve this issue for yourself? Share life hacks – you probably have something to add on this list.

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