Layer studio and startup Mazzu showed a customizable modular mattress

The Mazzu Open is designed like a regular spring mattress but can be easily customized to suit individual needs, and can be repaired and packed away if you move. The model consists of a series of pocket springs wrapped in a separate textile shell and held securely between the base and soft top. The team of the British studio Layer and the Chinese startup Mazzu sought to create a more environmentally friendly alternative to classic mattresses: as a result, all components of the new product either decompose in the natural environment or are recyclable. Mazzu Open also turned out to be more hygienic compared to conventional products – the model can be easily disassembled to clean each element. Designers compare the springs themselves to pixels: this means that users can independently choose one of three levels of stiffness and customize their side of the bed. The team’s development solves the problem of the inability to transport a mattress thanks to a special packaging system. Using it, the model can be divided into small components and placed into several cardboard boxes. 

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