White color in interior design: fashion trends and design rules

White color in the interior has long become popular, and this is not surprising. It is suitable for all styles and directions. In white tones, you can decorate any room in an apartment or house, and it will look modern and fresh for a long time. The second advantage of this light color is its neutrality. White can become the basis for creating the rest of the interior. It is enough to add contrast bright hues as accents, and the stylish space is ready. White color does not belong to either a cold or warm palette, so it goes well with any shade. This allows you to create a style direction. When adding colors from a warm palette, the interior becomes cozy and homely, when white is diluted with cold shades, the room acquires more strict and concise features. In this article, we will analyze how to decorate the interior in white to make it comfortable to be in.

What shades of white can be used?

Designers love white for its versatility, its ability to be used in any living space, and its perfect combination with any other colors.


  • boiled white without any undertones;
  • porcelain with a slight gloss;
  • pearl with a delicate silvery tint;
  • frosty white with a touch of shine;
  • with a hint of ivory, leaving in the original yellowness;
  • milky white with a transition to beige;
  • alabaster matte with a touch of yellowness;
  • platinum with a touch of haze, etc.

The specific choice of color depends on many factors. An important role is played by the style of the interior, the presence of natural light, the purpose of the room, and so on.

What styles are best to use with white

The white interior looks good in any style. In addition to color, the decor is of great importance. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of textiles. In order not to make annoying mistakes, all details must be worked out at the level of interior design planning.

Scandinavian style

This is one of the first styles that designers offer when you need to decorate a room in white. This style is distinguished by some rigor and asceticism. White is dominant here. It is reflected in the decoration, and in furniture, and in decor items.

In such an interior, it is customary to use a cold palette. A room decorated in this style evokes thoughts of snow-capped mountain peaks and snow sparkling in the sun. To add warmth to the interior, you can dilute the white color with gray, brown, black, or cool blue.

Loft style

This style is characterized by deliberately rough wall and floor finishes. Open communications, such as ventilation pipes, are often visible on the ceiling. White color is the best suited for the design of the main background. Brick walls are often painted white. This allows you to preserve the originality of the room, but at the same time make it neat and stylish.

The whitewashed wood floor adds character to the loft. Against the background of the main finish, protruding engineering communications look natural. To divide the room into zones and create accents, it is recommended to use contrasting colors: black or brown.

Hi-tech style

This is one of the popular modern styles. It is characterized by functionality. It is reflected in technology, which is usually abundant in such rooms. In the decoration, in addition to white, there is black and all shades of steel.

In a light high-tech interior, you can find many metal and mirror surfaces that blend harmoniously with white. The style allows the use of bright colors. Red received special love, which is most often reflected in decor items, such as sofa cushions, photo frames, and more.

Minimalism style

This style is known for its simplicity and lack of detail. White color as a base is ideal. The most important thing to create a style is to use no more than 1-2 colors. In minimalism, only one white color can be present at all, but it is allowed to play with its shades.

Modern style

There are many shades in this style that blend perfectly with white. A beautiful, fashionable, sophisticated light interior in a modern style will contribute to rest and relaxation, creating a feeling of conciseness and freedom.


This style has a maximum of natural materials, a lot of wood, and greenery. And white color perfectly complements the space. You can add originality to the interior by installing furniture of the original form. Accent elements made in contrasting colors and shades are not recommended.

Classic style

This style is characterized by soothing colors and the installation of massive furniture. Most often it can be found in spacious rooms. In the interior, white is ideally combined with gold trim, with which furniture elements are often decorated.

Benefits of white interiors

Suitable for complete room decoration. White is the only color in which a whole room can be decorated: walls, floor, ceiling, and even furniture. No need to choose a combination of colors, just add a few bright accents.

White is a universal color that never loses its relevance and can be used for any purpose. It visually expands the space. Due to the ability to reflect the sun’s rays and light as much as possible, a white room looks more spacious, airy, and more voluminous.

The combination of white with other colors in the interior

White ⬜ + black ⬛ Monochrome underlies many modern styles, such as hi-tech, eclectic, and rococo. The advantage of such a contrasting combination is that it is calmly perceived by the human eye. When decorating the interior, you can use one of the most common techniques: white trim and black furniture.

To prevent the furniture from looking like lonely islands, it is recommended to add decorative elements in black and white, such as paintings with a monochrome image. To maintain the ideal proportion, you can focus on this ratio: 40% black and 60% white.

White ⬜ + red 🟥 This is another win-win combination that can often be found in the country, high-tech, loft, and minimalist interiors. Such a room will look bright, but at the same time tireless. To soften the feeling of the interior, you can use muted shades of red, such as cherry or burgundy. Do not get carried away by adding contrasts, so as not to create irritation from the perception of the interior.

White ⬜ + blue 🟦 This decoration will add freshness to the room. The marine theme is now at the peak of popularity, so designers recommend not missing the opportunity and following the trends. However, this combination of colors is best used in rooms whose windows face the sunny side. In apartments on the north side, the room may become dull. The most popular combination of white and blue in the Mediterranean and marine styles, as well as in minimalism.

White ⬜ + brown 🟫 This combination will make the interior soft and cozy. From a psychological point of view, it is believed that white, complemented by brown, create a sense of security. Often this combination of colors is used in classic, contemporary, eco, and empire styles. In light rooms, darker and deeper shades are allowed, such as chocolate, and in dark rooms it is better to give preference to lighter tones, such as coffee.

White ⬜ + pink 🟪 Most often, this design of rooms can be seen in people prone to romance, as well as in children’s bedrooms. However, it is important to consider shades. Bright acid pink colors will make the interior in white color expressive and defiant, and pastel pink colors will make it gentle and airy. Too much pink can make a room feel doll-like, so it’s recommended to add it only as an accent. The combination of colors is suitable for many styles, including pop art, classic, and Provence.

White ⬜ + green 🟩 This combination of colors will make the space fresh and filled with air. Green color can be expressed in furniture, for example, in a kitchen set with light green facades against the backdrop of white walls and ceilings. And you can use a simple design technique in placing accents, that is, when all the decoration and furniture are made in white, and potted plants represent green. Thus, you can create a real oasis in a house or apartment.

The green color is ideally combined with all-natural shades, which provides freedom in the choice of finishes. Examples of styles to use this color combination include pop art, country, eco, Mediterranean and eclectic.

White ⬜ + yellow 🟨 Interior decoration in such colors will help create a sunny and joyful mood. Depending on the shade of yellow, you can change the feeling. Bright acid colors look more lively, and muted mustard colors look more calm. The combination of white and yellow colors can be used for rustic and eco-style interiors.

Lighting in white rooms

The atmosphere in it and the mood that will be created by the people inside largely depend on how illuminated the room is. Since white color has the ability to absorb and reflect light, the issue of lighting should be given special attention when decorating the interior.

Advice! If you plan to design in cold colors, it is recommended to use lamps with warm light. They will smooth the atmosphere in the room, adding comfort to it. For warm shades in the decoration, the use of lamps of both warm and cold colors is allowed.

No less important is the area of ​​the room and the presence of windows in it. Small rooms without windows or with one small window require more light. As a rule, in such cases, it is customary to use additional light sources in addition to the main upper chandelier, for example, spotlighting of zones or sconces on the walls.

In spacious rooms with large windows, there is usually enough natural light, so you can only make individual illumination of areas with the help of spots and the arrangement of floor, wall, and table lamps.

Interior design in white – design advice

When creating a beautiful interior in white, it is important to find the right balance. The room should not look too cold, but at the same time, it should remain stylish and consistent with the overall concept.


  1. Decor. It is important that it does not blend into the background. The main task of decor in a white room is to be the main accent, not an addition.
  2. Furniture. It can be in the same white color as the trim, but it is better to choose different shades. This will help create a halftone effect and highlight the furniture against the general background.
  3. Doors. The rule of contrast is also valid here. A door made in the same color with something contrasting in the room will create harmony. If the door is chosen in the color of the main design, you can choose interesting fittings, such as hinges or handles.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and create something completely unique. There are no hard and fast rules on how to design a particular room. Recommendations will only help you choose the right colors or become the basis for a personal original idea of ​​​​a unique interior in white.

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