Ecosystem of clean space: a comprehensive solution for an ideal microclimate from REMEZ

During the heating season, the issue of humidifying the air and cleaning the house from dust becomes especially acute: due to dryness, charges of static electricity are formed, and the amount of pollutants contained directly in the air is actively growing. The new clean space ecosystem from REMEZ allows you to effectively solve this problem, allowing you to eliminate both large and small dust particles. REMEZ is an important competitive advantage when it comes to climate control and cleaning equipment. The brand’s engineers create innovative solutions taking into account the characteristics of the long heating season in our country.

The clean space ecosystem from REMEZ consists of two components that complement each other: the AirCreator climate complex, which combines the functions of an air purifier and humidifier, with the SensoStation air quality monitoring station, and the IQSelf vertical robotic washing vacuum cleaner.

Climate control complex REMEZ AirCreator and remote air quality monitoring station SensoStation for seamless humidification

  • Removing microscopic dust particles

The intelligent hybrid climate complex has two separate modules located one above the other – they are responsible for purifying and humidifying the air. First, the air passes through the lower unit, where it is dry and finely purified from dust and allergens in an intelligent mode – the filter is capable of capturing almost 100% of microscopic contaminants. The complex provides 6-speed modes and an additional intelligent AiMode mode, in which AirCreator automatically maintains the optimal level of air quality. If desired, the user can limit himself to only air purification, but the most effective complex will be when using all its functionality.

  • Intelligent Humidification

In confined spaces, it is important not only to purify the air but also to humidify it. In this case, it will begin to have a beneficial effect on the protective barriers of the mucous membranes – it will be easy to breathe in the house. In addition, humidifiers help reduce the concentration of coarse dust floating in the air, “nailing” it to surfaces. This is what the upper AirCreator module is responsible for, where the air is saturated with molecules of pre-softened water. There is no need to think about setting a specific operating speed: the HumiT-Smart intelligent mode maintains stable indoor humidity within the specified values ​​of 40, 50, or 60%. Thanks to a germicidal UV-C LED, an aqua filter coated with silver ions, and an automatic filter drying function, the device ensures maximum hygiene, so you can be sure of the freshness of the water that is sprayed throughout your home, without leaving wet marks or white residue on surfaces.

  • Monitor air quality throughout the space

Another important advantage of the first component of the ecosystem is that it allows for uniform hydration and precise humidity control. Usually, humidifiers are simply equipped with hygrometers – these devices measure the humidity around the device body itself but do not broadcast real data throughout the entire area of ​​​​the room. Because of this, you have to move the humidifier inside the room (and at a frequency not established by any rules), or inevitably receive biased data. REMEZ engineers have provided the opportunity to expand monitoring zones using sensors built into compact remote air quality monitoring stations SensoStation. Thanks to them, the station can receive real-time data on humidity at the opposite end of the room and even in neighboring rooms. The AirCreator complex can be moved to certain areas of the apartment when it is required, and not just from time to time.

For those who care about uniform humidity throughout the room, and not just around the device, the station will be a revelation. Up to 50 devices can be connected to a network. The station has as many as 6 humidification scenarios, including maintaining stable humidity 40%, 50%, 60%, active humidification, express humidification, and balanced humidification. The station controls the operation of the complex in real-time, allowing for 98% higher quality humidification.

  • Air disinfection

In February 2024, a version of the AirCreator + PLASM-AR complex will go on sale. It will retain all the functional characteristics of the existing AirCreator but will be supplemented with a special technology that allows you to clean the air from bacteria, allergens, harmful impurities, and unpleasant odors, and also deactivate known viruses. According to the developers of the device, PLASM-AR was created based on the Japanese environmentally friendly technology PLASMACLUSTER. Considering how sensitive the Japanese are to their health, this function cannot be underestimated.

Due to plasma discharges, positively and negatively charged ions are formed, collecting into clusters and spreading throughout the room. When faced with harmful bacteria, allergens, and impurity molecules that emit an unpleasant odor, the ions deactivate them, thus disinfecting the air. It should be noted that no ozone is formed in this case, which means this method is completely safe for humans.

 vertical washing vacuum cleaner REMEZ IQSelf

  • Two roller design

As already mentioned, the AirCreator complex rids the air of microscopic dust particles and “nails” larger particles of contaminants to surfaces. To eliminate them, you need to regularly carry out wet cleaning – and this is where the IQSelf vacuum cleaner will help. The thoughtful design of the device allows you to clean the floor while moving both forward and backward – this was made possible thanks to two electrically driven rollers rotating towards each other at different speeds. One of them collects up to 75% of dirt, while the second achieves an impeccable result and removes traces of residual moisture so that there are no streaks or smudges left on the floor. By the way, there is no need to add detergent – the vacuum cleaner is equipped with such a powerful motor that it removes even stubborn dirt using plain water.

  • Intelligent operating modes

IQSelf has two intelligent operating modes, one of which involves cleaning with disinfected water. The additional delicate mode is optimal for use on such capricious surfaces as parquet and laminate, as well as lint-free carpets since water is supplied only to the front roller and in a minimal amount – only 20 ml per minute. In any mode, the vacuum cleaner is capable of efficiently cleaning the floor over an area of ​​up to 200 m² on a single battery charge and without the need to add water to the tank – all processes are thought out in such a way as to make cleaning as effortless as possible.

  • Self-cleaning vacuum cleaner

The design of the washing unit, equipped with a system of six scrapers that automatically clean the rollers right during cleaning, deserves special attention. In addition, the roller pile has optimized hydrophobic properties: they do not allow it to become saturated with dirty water, so nothing drips onto the floor during cleaning. When you install the vacuum cleaner on the station and turn on the self-cleaning mode, the water disinfection process starts for even more thorough washing of the rollers. The duration of intelligent cleaning is 2.5 minutes and is based on data on the degree of contamination, which is recorded by a special sensor. After cleaning is completed, the rollers can be placed to dry in specially provided places on the base. The IQSelf+ version of the vacuum cleaner also provides hot air drying, during which bacteria and fungal spores are destroyed, which often become a source of unpleasant odors.

  • Comfort in use and “floating” motion

The weight of the vacuum cleaner is five kilograms, but it is not felt at all: thanks to the ergonomics of the design, it seems that you are operating a very light device. That is why IQSelf has been defined as a “vacuum cleaner with a hovering stroke” – it easily responds to controls, as if predicting the direction of movement. Compliance, maneuverability, and high-quality cleaning along the baseboard – all this turns IQSelf into an ideal home assistant.

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