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Homerave: a new brand of Russian furniture

St. Petersburg startup Homerave enters the minimalist furniture market. “Homerave is strong functional furniture, in the design of which everything is thought out to the smallest detail,” says a press release from the new brand. – The basic principles of the newborn company: authentic design, reasonable sufficiency, environmental friendliness, easy assembly and disassembly of products. Visual language – technical aesthetics and graphics. Price segment: above average. “

Homerave founder Vova Alekseev is known as a manufacturer of office furniture for, Biocad, Playkot, OpenText, as well as SHU and JNBY stores, Filter coffee shops, etc. “Homerave is a desire to make a whole product, thought out at all stages,” says the initiator of the project. – I look at furniture through the prism of my experience in implementing turnkey projects, and my interest in the stages of IT development. Our tables, stools, and dressers are thought out in terms of user experience, possible scenarios, and stages of interaction with the product: from the moment of receipt and unpacking to possible repair and disposal. “

The new furniture brand is characterized not only by attention to functional qualities and reliability, but also to the principles of environmental sustainability. The company does not use laminated chipboard, the products were designed to survive numerous assemblies / disassembly. This makes the move easy for clients who prefer to rent an apartment or office. The packaging does not use stretch film and plastic. The products do not contain paper instructions – instead, there is a link to the video.

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