How to hide a TV in the interior: useful tips

We tell you how to place a TV so that it is completely recessed into a wall or interior partition, and which models are best suited for this.

They have been trying for a long time to fit a TV into the interior, leaving only the screen visible. One of the first successful attempts involved the use of video projectors. The device itself is placed somewhere in a secluded place, for example under the ceiling. When turned off, the projector is invisible and does not interfere with anyone. We will talk about projectors in a separate article.

As for conventional TVs, modern models can have such a thin body that if you install the TV close to the wall, from a distance of 2-3 m you may not be able to tell whether the TV is receding from the wall or its screen is it strictly in one plane. For example, LG Signature TVs are 2.57mm thick. They can be equipped with ultra-flat brackets, thanks to which the surface of the screen is moved away from the plane of the wall by about 1 cm. Similar flat kits are being developed by other manufacturers, for example, Samsung and SONY. And if you still want to completely embed the TV into a wall or furniture, then you will need special models that do not require housing ventilation.

Conventional TVs require space around the body to prevent the electronics from overheating. Therefore, they cannot be installed under glass or in deep niches. For such architectural installations, built-in TVs from brands such as Ad Notam and Mirror Media are used. They can be installed inside wall structures, fully or partially built into furniture in the living room, kitchen, or, for example, bedroom. 

For bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity, there are special TVs with the required level of moisture protection (minimum IP44). These are, for example, the brands AquaView, Avel, the same Mirror Media, and Ad Notam. They can be installed either in a built-in version or on a regular bracket stand. A very popular “mirror” installation is when the TV is mounted in a mirror so that it is invisible when turned off. Such installation is technically complex; in addition, it requires a connection to the electrical network in accordance with the rules of the Electrical Installation Regulations, so these procedures should be trusted by specialists.  

Example of compact wall mounting of an LG TV

The LG OLED65W7V TV can be installed using a special wall bracket. With this method, the TV is located almost close to the wall, at the minimum distance at which it is possible to connect a flat cable. The main requirement is sufficient load-bearing capacity of the wall; This installation is not recommended for plasterboard or fiberboard walls.

How to install a TV on the wall

The installation process is reminiscent of installing electrical sockets and switches. First, a niche is prepared in the wall, the dimensions of which depend on the size of the TV and the installation option. There are two installation options:

  • In the first, the TV is partially built in, the front panel remains outside and is overlapped onto the wall surface (1).
  • In the second, the TV is inserted entirely into the niche, and the screen mirror becomes flush with the wall, that is, joint to joint (2).

A mounting box for the TV is installed in the niche. Power cables and cables through which an information signal (for example, an antenna) is supplied are inserted into it through holes in the rear or side wall. All cables are connected to the TV, which is then attached with self-tapping screws to the mounting box.

When planning a built-in TV, it is very important to choose the right place for installation – such that the rays from windows or lighting fixtures do not give unwanted glare (after all, such a TV cannot be moved to another place).

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