5 plants that don’t need to be watered (and no, they’re not cacti!)

As you know, plants create coziness and generally significantly improve the interior. But not everyone can afford to care for them, for various reasons. We offer you five plants for your home that will grow and bloom without your participation.

So, what beautiful plants do not require attention? Well, or they hardly require it!


Choose varieties with monochromatic leaves; they just like to be in the shade and don’t really need watering. You need to water it a couple of times a week, but if you suddenly miss it once, it’s also not a problem. Again, she is completely calm about the cold, that is, there is no need to expose her to the cold in winter, but if it suddenly gets cold at home, she will survive. 


Is the jungle calling? Then take home this plant with a beautiful name, because syngonium is a real liana. He or she is very unpretentious and grows very quickly!


Chlorophytum perfectly cleans the air and also does not mind the shade at all. You don’t need to water it often – a couple of times a week at most, but make sure that the soil is dry before the next watering; the flower does not tolerate excessive moisture.


Hamedorea is one of the most unpretentious types of indoor palm trees. It can be watered rarely, but the air humidity should be high, it is still a tropical plant. You don’t need to place the palm completely in the shade, but it doesn’t like light either; it can turn yellow on the windowsill. They say that some Hamedoreas grow up to five meters (and eat those who do not water them), but this is impossible at home. 


If you take good care of it, it may even bloom. But if there are no plans for flowering, then this plant will survive everything: rare watering, drafts, temperature changes, and lack of fertilizers. A lazy gardener’s dream!

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