How to create a stunning dark interior: 13 practical tips

Many people try to avoid dark colors when decorating their homes, considering them too gloomy. We dispel this misconception and give tips on creating a stylish and cozy dark interior.

1. Don’t limit yourself to black

When decorating a dark interior, you should not focus solely on charcoal black. The palette of deep, rich shades is quite wide: you may like dark green, dark blue, dark gray, or any other tone. Use black as an additional color to add a graphic touch.

2. Think through lighting scenarios

Dark interiors can look completely different under different lighting scenarios. Provide sufficient light so that the environment does not look gloomy.

Tip: When choosing shades to decorate your home, be sure to check how they look in daylight and artificial light. By changing the intensity and temperature of light, colors can appear in new ways.

3. Use textiles

If you took the risk of decorating the interior in dark colors, and as a result realized that it turned out too gloomy, textiles will help out. For example, light bed linen with a pronounced texture will make the bedroom decor “play out” in a new way. A light fluffy carpet will instantly transform the living room.

This rule also works in the opposite direction: if the chosen wall color turns out to be boring and not saturated enough, textured textiles in a deep dark shade will help add expressiveness to the space.

4. Play with shades

Mixing shades and halftones in dark interiors can be no less effective than in light ones. Moreover, many rich colors combine perfectly with each other. For example, in a setting decorated in shades of dark green, wine, dark brown, or dark blue accents will look great.

5. Make the floor and ceiling light

If you decide to decorate a dark interior, this does not mean that you need to paint absolutely every surface in the house in rich colors. Dark walls and furniture will already create the desired atmosphere, but the floor and ceiling may well remain light. In this situation, even the coal-black color of the walls will not look gloomy.

6. Add reflective surfaces

Mirror, glass, metal, and other reflective surfaces are a must-have addition to a dark interior. Especially if there is no excess of natural light in the apartment. They will multiply the light and add a little glossy shine to the environment.

7. Use natural stone

Natural stone or its high-quality imitation is a great addition to a dark interior. It will visually make the environment more solid, status, and expensive. Depending on the desired effect, you can choose a light stone (and play with contrast) or a dark one (and add shades and textures).

8. Get some indoor plants

Opponents of dark interiors often call them uncomfortable. If you are also concerned about this point, add live indoor plants. This is a win-win move, instantly creating a feeling of a lived-in, cozy space.

9. Add some wood

Natural wood is another wonderful addition to dark interiors. Moreover, a more saturated tone of wood can make the situation somewhat heavier and make it more solid, but light-colored material, on the contrary, will add lightness and ease.

10. Apply Contrast

Dark shades are often added to light interiors for contrast. In dark interiors, on the contrary, this role is played by light colors. Add several pieces of furniture or decor in contrasting colors (white, beige, light gray), and the decor will instantly become more expressive.

11. Add bright accents

In dark interiors, there is also a place for bright accents. Try to choose more complex and noble colors as additional colors: burgundy, terracotta, and mustard would be a good choice. Simpler tones can do a disservice and visually cheapen the interior.

12. Combine textures

Combining a variety of textures in a setting is the key to creating coziness in a dark interior. Feel free to add textiles, wood, metal, large knitted blankets, fur, and wicker accessories: it’s almost impossible to overdo it in this matter.

13. Think over the decor

Do not underestimate decor: with its help, you can either add dark shades to the atmosphere – and make it more saturated, or introduce light contrasts – and somewhat “dilute” the palette.

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